Frosty Feats and Penguins – A New Side to Dubai 

Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates is no less than a wonder in itself. It is astonishing how they maintain a -4 degrees Celsius temperature inside when the outside temperature is 50 degrees. Seeing the penguin show left us awestruck! Only Dubai dares to harbour penguins amid the desert. The sustainable model of parks also inspired us to think of living in a way that keeps this planet green. All 22,500 sqm of Ski Dubai’s snow park and slopes are blanketed in thick, frosty snow to bring the complete alpine experience to life. In a truly unique fashion, the snow is created by spraying a mist of water and compressed air, orchestrating a real-life snowfall every day. And, it doesn’t ever go to waste – the old snow is recycled and used for Ski Dubai’s air conditioning system to help keep the venue cool. 

Learning Outcomes

Recently, we visited Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emirates, and this visit truly broadened our horizons. The mall occupies an area of 2 million square feet. There are more than 600 outlets in the mall. It rightly signifies Walt Disney’s philosophy, ‘If we can dream it, we can do it.’

Cross-Cultural Exchange

Our batch mates from Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia shared their perspectives on life. The conversation started with snow but eventually comprised geography, culture, and history of respective native places. It gave us a sneak peek into different cultures. For instance, our batch mate, Monica from the Philippines, shared how there are so many active volcanoes in the Philippines and how the Philippines government is trying to promote them for tourism.

Overcoming Challenges

Initially, it was difficult to walk in the snow and bear the -4 degree Celsius temperature inside. Later, with team building, strategically finding rides that are less crowded in Ski Dubai helped us finish the rides early while managing time to see the penguin show on time. These time management and teamwork drills teach valuable lessons of teamwork and bottleneck finding, which go a long way in life.

Recommendations & Takeaways 

For all students who decide to go for Global learning activities, I have four key pieces of advice:

a. Never miss any GL activity: With many deadlines and submissions, it might seem tedious, but these are lifelong memories you will cherish.

b. Always prepare well: Carry your water bottles, read brochures, and see what documents/tickets are needed for a pleasant time.

c. It is time to meet new people: Never miss out on any opportunity to meet new people. Interact with localities and people from different nationalities, races, and cultures – as they only teach us the most.

d. The most important tip: ENJOY!

About the Author 

Rishabh Mittal (GMBA 2023) hails from Kekri, Rajasthan, and is a member of the Global Learning team, which organises events, excursions, and guest lectures for the whole cohort. 

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