Five Factors to Keep in Mind When Planning to Pursue a Degree Abroad

Pursuing a degree abroad can be an exciting and transformative experience, offering a global perspective and expanding your career opportunities. Among the various degree programs available, an International Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master in Global Business (MGB) degree are popular choices for ambitious individuals seeking a global business education. However, before embarking on this journey, it is crucial to consider several factors to ensure a successful and fulfilling experience. In this article, we will discuss five key factors to keep in mind when planning to pursue a degree abroad, focusing on MBA eligibility, international MBA programs, MBA admission criteria, and the benefits of an MGB degree.

Research MBA eligibility requirements

Before setting your sights on an international MBA program, it is essential to understand the eligibility requirements. Each university and program may have specific prerequisites, such as a minimum GPA, work experience, standardised test scores (like GMAT, CAT, or GRE), and language proficiency (like TOEFL or IELTS). Research and evaluate the eligibility criteria of the universities and business schools you are interested in to determine if you meet the requirements or need to take additional steps to become eligible.

Explore International MBA programs

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, explore different international MBA programs to find the one that aligns with your career goals and aspirations. Consider factors such as program duration, curriculum, specialisation options, reputation, faculty expertise, placement track record and alumni network. Look for programs that offer global exposure, experiential learning opportunities, and industry connections, as these elements can significantly enhance your learning experience and future prospects.

Understand MBA admission criteria

Apart from eligibility requirements, understanding the MBA admission criteria is crucial. It includes the application process, required documents (transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, etc.), and application deadlines. Please pay attention to any specific guidelines the universities provide, as they may have additional requirements or essay prompts to gauge your motivation and fit for the program. In some Business schools, there will also be group discussions and interviews. Start preparing your application well in advance to ensure you have enough time to gather all the necessary documents and present your best self to the admissions committee.

Consider the benefits of a Global MBA and MGB degree

In addition to the traditional MBA, the Master in Global Business (MGB) degree and the Global MBA (GMBA) are gaining popularity among students aspiring to develop a comprehensive understanding of international business. A GMBA or MGB program typically offers a broader curriculum with a focus on global business practices, cross-cultural management, international trade, and global economics. Consider the advantages of pursuing a Global MBA or MGB degree, such as exposure to diverse business environments, enhanced global networking opportunities, and a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the global marketplace.

Financial considerations and scholarships

Studying abroad can involve significant financial investment. Consider the tuition fees, cost of living, and other expenses associated with pursuing a degree in a foreign country. Research and explore scholarship opportunities offered by universities, governments, organisations, and foundations that can help alleviate some of the financial burdens. Many institutions provide merit-based scholarships, so make sure to check the eligibility criteria and application deadlines for these opportunities.

Pursuing an international degree such as an MBA or MGB can be a life-changing decision, providing you with valuable skills, global connections, and a competitive edge in the job market. However, careful planning and consideration of the factors discussed are crucial for a successful and fulfilling experience. By researching MBA eligibility requirements, exploring international MBA programs, understanding admission criteria, considering the benefits of a GMBA or MGB degree, and addressing financial considerations, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision and embark on a rewarding educational journey abroad. Good luck!

About the Author

Dr Christopher Abraham (CEO & Head of Campus – Dubai, SP Jain Global) has three postgraduate qualifications in HRM, Business Administration (Marketing), Labour and Administrative Law, and a PhD in Business Administration (Design Thinking and Innovation). He is a Certified Design Thinker from IDEO/Stanford and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), UK. He has 34 years of experience in management consulting, marketing, and management education in India, Singapore, and the UAE. Dr Abraham, a much sought-after 3-time TEDx, and international keynote speaker, has been a Visiting Professor at many leading universities in Australia, the USA, Canada, Singapore, and the UK. Earlier, in Dubai, he headed the Executive MBA program of XLRI, Jamshedpur, one of Asia’s top business schools. His areas of competence are Innovation, Design Thinking, Behavioural Design, Strategy, Neuroscience of Decision Making, Future of Education, Science of Happiness, Leadership, Human Potential, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Strategy.

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