Converting an Internship into a Full-Time Role: Insights from Chahak Jain (MGB 2023)

Meet Chahak Jain (MGB 2023), an accomplished analyst at Corporate. Curious about how she not only snagged her dream internship but also turned it into a full-time job?

Join us in exploring the layers of her dynamic personality, fuelled by a passion for learning and an eagerness to embrace new experiences.

  1. Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! I’m currently working as an analyst at Corporate Group in Dubai. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree. At SP Jain Global, I honed my attention to detail and embraced a continuous learning attitude. The experience of studying away from home taught me valuable life skills.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books to explore new perspectives. Playing volleyball keeps me active and engaged in a team environment, while dancing serves as a creative outlet for self-expression. Additionally, I have a deep love for travel, as it broadens my horizons and fuels my curiosity about different cultures.

Looking ahead, my ambition is to further enhance my skillset and be a continuous learner.

  • Why did you choose the Master of Global Business (MGB) program?

The program aligned with my career goals and offers opportunities for practical application of knowledge. The opportunity to study alongside a diverse cohort of students from various cultural backgrounds provided a rich and immersive learning experience.

The school’s extensive network of corporate partners and alumni presents valuable opportunities for internships, projects, and mentorships, which allowed me to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world business scenarios. This hands-on approach to learning not only strengthened my practical skills but also provided me with a competitive edge in the job market. The school’s commitment to academic excellence, rigorous faculty selection process, and its emphasis on grooming future business leaders make it a top destination for those seeking a transformative educational experience.

  1. Congratulations on successfully converting your internships into full time job! Could you tell us a bit about your new role?

Thank you for the wishes!

I am working with is a consulting firm operating in the professional services industry. As an analyst, my role primarily involves providing advisory services, conducting audits, and assisting with corporate tax and legal matters. This opportunity has allowed me to apply my skills in my desired field and gain extensive knowledge across various areas such as audit, tax, and transaction advisory. It has been a valuable learning experience and has provided me with a well-rounded understanding of the consulting industry.

  • How did you secure a full-time position with this organisation?

A combination of learning and displaying a proactive attitude towards acquiring new skills helped me. By consistently demonstrating my eagerness to learn and my ability to work efficiently, I was able to make a positive impression and stand out as an asset to the team. The consulting industry has always been a career path I aspired to pursue, as it aligns with my interests and passion for providing strategic advice and solutions to businesses.

  • How did you prepare for the interview?

SP Jain Global played a crucial role in my interview preparation through their career services and resources. The career services team provided guidance on interview techniques, conducted mock interviews, and shared valuable insights about the industry and the specific company I was interviewing with. Additionally, the school’s alumni network was a valuable resource as I connected with former students who had similar interview experiences and received valuable advice and tips.

I undertook several steps to ensure I was well-prepared. First, I thoroughly researched the organisation, its values, services, and recent projects. Also, reviewed common interview questions and practiced my responses, emphasising my relevant experiences and highlighting how my skills would contribute to the organisation’s success.

I am grateful for the opportunity and learning that SP Jain Global gave me to work in this field and continue to grow and contribute to the organisation’s success.

  1. Do you think the skills you gained in your MGB are helping you in this internship?

Yes, the skills I gained in my MGB are proving to be immensely beneficial in my current internship. The program’s emphasis on global management has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various business functions, enabling me to contribute effectively across different projects. The strategic thinking and problem-solving skills developed during my MGB have helped me analyse complex issues and propose innovative solutions. Additionally, the strong foundation in finance and communication acquired during the program has allowed me to navigate financial analysis and effectively communicate with clients and team members.

  • What are some of the challenges you have faced during your internship? How did you overcome them? 

During my internship, I faced challenges such as managing tight deadlines and juggling multiple projects. I overcame them by prioritising tasks, creating a schedule, and communicating effectively with my team. Adapting to diverse teams with different communication styles was another challenge, which I addressed by actively listening and fostering open dialogue. Navigating complex client requirements and expectations required thorough research, communication, and seeking guidance when needed. Lastly, the fast-paced nature of the consulting industry demanded quick learning and adaptation, which I accomplished through proactive self-learning and seeking support from experienced colleagues.

  • Can you share tips with future students on how to land their dream internship?

I would say everybody’s journey is different; however, you can start your internship search by researching suitable organisations, tailoring resumes, and cover letters to highlight your strengths. Actively network, tap into connections, and prepare for interviews with common and thoughtful questions. Maintain a positive and persistent mindset, viewing rejections as learning opportunities. Develop skills through courses, seek guidance from college faculties, and be proactive to maximise success in securing valuable internships.

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