Building Multi-Industry Businesses and Beyond – SP Jain Global Alumni Spotlight with Vidur Chharia (GFMB 2015)

Get ready to dive into the journey of Vidur Chharia (GFMB 2015), a true example of diligence and success. Let’s delve into Vidur’s incredible journey as a CA, a multi-industry entrepreneur, a globetrotter, a philanthropist, a musician, and a lot more!

Q. Could you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Certainly! I’ll tell you my story in two parts.

Personal Life: From a young age, I had a strong passion for learning and consistently excelled academically, achieving the top rank throughout my school and college years. I am a Chartered Accountant with a BCom degree from Delhi University, a GFMB degree from SP Jain Global, and a Master’s in Entrepreneurship from IIM Ahmedabad.

Parallel to my academic pursuits, I became involved in our family business when I turned 18. This hands-on experience significantly shaped my career trajectory. By the time I completed my formal education, I was fully equipped to manage various business aspects independently. While most second-generation business owners were just entering the industry at the age of 24, I had already gained comprehensive practical knowledge from the ground up.

My sociable nature has made me thoroughly enjoy connecting with new people and continuously learning from their experiences. On the philanthropic front, I hold positions in several important social and business organisations, including:

– Rotary Club (District 3012 Rotaract Chair)

– Entrepreneurs Organisation (Engagement Co-Chair)

– Ghaziabad Management Association, affiliated with AIMA (Council Member)

– Young Indians, associated with CII (Learning Chair)

Beyond my professional pursuits, I’m an enthusiastic musician, skilled in playing guitar, bongos, drums, and octopod. Yet, my greatest passion lies in travelling and exploring the world. Over the past five years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit more than 28 countries. Through these travels, I’ve recognised that innovation often springs from experiencing diverse perspectives. In this context, I resonate with the words of Mr Shiv Khera: “Successful people don’t do different things; they just do things differently.”

Professional Life: I hail from a middle-class ‘baniya’ family and grew up watching my father as a practising Chartered Accountant. In 1992, the same year of my birth, he embarked on an entrepreneurial path from scratch, delving into Education, Financing, and Advertising.

As the torchbearer of the second generation in our family business, I steered us into Export-Import and Equity Management.

To date, our ventures encompass a diverse range of industries, including:

– Education: I proudly serve as the Managing Trustee of IMS Ghaziabad Group Of Institutions, an esteemed institute with a legacy spanning 34 years. This institution boasts three campuses, catering to over 8500 students and nurturing a robust alumni community of more than 40,000. It stands tall as one of India’s premier B-Schools. (Visit:

– Advertising: My role extends as the Director of Pole-Ads Advertising (P) Ltd., a stalwart of the outdoor advertising landscape for 32 years. This agency commands expertise in nationwide OOH inventory management. (Visit:

– Financing: I am a Director at Chharia Holdings (P) Ltd., a distinguished RBI-registered Non-Banking Financial Company. Our domain of operation involves extending short-term financial solutions to a spectrum of diverse businesses.

– Equity Management: I am also an active Algo Trader in the stock market and an expert in futures and options trading in the capital market.

– Export & Import: I am the Director of Chharia Impex (P) Ltd, a star export house dealing in various commodities, including tobacco, chemicals, agro items, and animal feed ingredients. (Visit:

From our inception, we’ve stood resolute upon pillars of strength, including a Zero Debt policy, an unwavering commitment to nurturing enduring business relationships, and an indomitable adherence to ethical business practices.

Q. What was your experience at SP Jain Global like?

My journey into SP Jain Global felt almost fated. I had my sights set on joining the London Business School and had even completed its application process. However, an unexpected turn occurred when my brother-in-law, an alumnus of SP Jain Global, introduced me to the possibility of joining the GFMB program. This unexpected opportunity became the most significant turning point in my life.

Describing my one-year experience at SP Jain Global is a challenge; it goes beyond mere words. This experience transformed me from a dedicated bookworm to a savvy and astute businessman with a broad network across India. It wasn’t just a course but a profound journey of personal evolution. Initially, when I joined, I felt a sense of discomfort due to the diverse cultural crowd and the unfamiliarity of hostel life. The first class at the Dubai campus even made me question whether I truly belonged and if the course was the right fit for me.

However, this perception shifted gradually through a blend of exceptional faculty instruction, practical business exercises, late-night discussions with friends about real business experiences, and unforgettable moments of fun in various global locations such as Singapore, Dubai, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. By the end of the first three months, I eagerly anticipated the intensive one-week classes that offered immense motivation to pioneer new business paths.

Over eight years have passed, yet reminiscing about that one year still gives me goosebumps and makes me emotional. The faculty members were experts in their respective fields, each possessing a unique teaching style, sense of humour, and temperament that harmoniously balanced our classes. The power of their teaching resonated so profoundly that whenever fellow GFMB-1 alumni meet, we fondly remember and recount their statements, insights, lessons, and even their jokes. Legendary figures such as Dr Parimal Merchant, the dynamic Prof Samish Dalal, Prof Anil Menon, Prof Boman Moradian, Prof Rajiv Thakker, and others continue to impact our thoughts and strategies as we navigate the business world.

In the GFMB course, I learned more from my peers than from traditional classroom instruction. Individuals I initially considered formidable or unlike me turned into some of my closest friends, and we consistently engaged in discussions to address our business challenges.

This course effectively demonstrated that one’s network is indeed a valuable asset, and taking the initiative to introduce oneself to others is immensely rewarding. I recall our first interaction with Samish sir, where we were asked to stand in front of the class and briefly introduce ourselves and our businesses in a manner that left a lasting impression. That was the moment I got a reality check that I didn’t even know how to introduce or market my business properly in public.

When I face challenging market conditions at the office, Parimal sir’s words reverberate, reminding me that resources are abundant and external. These words provide the impetus to revisit my notes. My diligent habit of maintaining comprehensive SP Jain Global notes has also become my guiding scripture. These notes remain tucked in my office drawer, and I often peruse them during idle moments, instilling in me the motivation to forge ahead.

All in all, this course beautifully blended learning with enjoyment. GFMB laid the foundation for my business career, offering a practical education in diverse business verticals for a year. This immersive experience granted me an intricate understanding of various processes from the grassroots level and has been instrumental in my journey.

Q. Tell us about your journey from being a Chartered Accountant to a Director of multiple companies and a Board of Trustee at IMS Ghaziabad Group of Institutions. How did you transition into these diverse roles?

It is often said that the life of a second or third-generation entrepreneur is characterised by ease and privilege as if they commence their journey with a silver spoon in hand. My personal experience, however, leads me to believe that this perspective needs to change. 

In these competitive and dynamically changing times, you not only have to prove yourself but also understand the business deeply to be able to run it successfully. Your family and staff will only respect your authority once you become worthy of it – reaching that level takes a lot from you. 

From a young age, I aspired to follow in my father’s footsteps as a Chartered Accountant, having observed his professional journey. However, joining the family business necessitated unlearning certain notions and embracing new knowledge and skills.

Despite being the sole heir, I wasn’t automatically granted the Director role within the companies my father helmed. He was unequivocal in stating that I wouldn’t get a cabin or a designation until I could prove myself by transforming the business with my vision. This arduous journey consumed nearly five years as I laboured to meet and exceed his expectations. Over time, the reins of management started slipping into my hands, and as revenues and profits soared, I gained a profound sense of confidence and pride. My father’s eventual realisation of my ability to make independent, rational decisions paved the way for my directorship at Chharia Group Of Companies and my role as the managing trustee of IMS Ghaziabad Group of Institutions.

A second-generation entrepreneur always feels amiss if they do not start something from scratch – I felt the same about my family business. During the COVID pandemic, I could finally diversify our business further. I started the equity management & export house businesses on my own and took it to great heights. Today, both these verticals are doing wonders and are some of the most profitable ventures of our group.

Throughout this transformative journey, my father has consistently been my unwavering pillar of strength. He’s instilled in me the very values and sense of value-for-money that define him. Simultaneously, my mother has imparted the invaluable lesson that reaching great heights while maintaining a firm connection to reality is pivotal for achieving sustained growth.

Today, I attribute my accomplishments, both in the realm of business and on a personal level, to my parents’ invaluable teachings and support. Their guidance has been the cornerstone of my journey thus far.

Q. Do you plan to explore new ventures or industries in the future?

In the future, my vision is to grow all the businesses simultaneously and become a national leader. However, my main focus is on the Export-Import and Equity management sectors. These areas have a lot of opportunities, and the growth potential is huge.

I also want to pay attention to managing our wealth well because if we do it right, it can bring better returns than just focusing on the business profits. Many businesspeople tend to overlook this aspect.

As for expanding into new areas, that’s not the plan for now. We’ve already diversified well, so it’s time to focus on expanding within these fields. This is a great time for Indian industries to grow globally, and I want to take full advantage of this period to take our group to the next level. 

Q. What advice would you give to young aspiring professionals looking to excel in their careers and make an impact in various industries?

Here’s some advice for young people aiming to succeed: Remember the 3 Ps—Passion, Perseverance, and Patience.

Today, many young folks want quick results and easy paths to success, but those shortcuts often lead to disappointment. The real route involves:

  • having a clear vision
  • putting in a lot of hard work
  • not losing hope if things don’t go as planned
  • staying patient, and 
  • persisting until you achieve success

Here’s another important piece of advice: Take action instead of just filling out paperwork. Doing things is what brings success. However, it’s also wise to avoid taking too much debt, start with small steps, and find a mentor who can guide you. Remember, education combined with experience can work wonders. Having a mentor who’s been through it all can help in the long run.

Lastly, even when you achieve your goals, stay humble and respectful. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and big things can happen suddenly, like the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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