Beyond Engineering: A Year of Discovery and Adventure Through My Global MBA

In my previous role as an engineer in a BD professional’s clothing, my focus encompassed refining business communication, leadership, persuasion, and negotiation skills. But at some point, I realised I wanted more prominent roles in business management.

Here comes the MBA. The goal was to find a program that would be a proverbial mirror, helping me assess and enhance my leadership skills while uncovering my core strengths. I believed this would provide a solid foundation for delving into the details of different business functions. During my search, I found the Global MBA program by SP Jain Global. As I sat across the hall in orientation, listening and understanding what the next 12 months held for us, the MBA experience quickly unfolded—the very first day involved an intense dive into a business simulation, giving me a taste of the dynamic path ahead.

The journey had begun, and how!       


The next few months were spent working on numerous case studies and boardroom discussions. Being part of different teams and listening to every POV was enriching. The varied experiences and unique perspectives were very intriguing as I got to see the same problem from the lens of a finance expert, a tech junkie, and a business Mogul. These experiences gave me a great insight into how it would be to work with and manage cross-functional teams.

Modules such as the Industry Interface Project, where we got the opportunity to work on live projects with organisations such as Intel, helped me develop my leadership signature and helped me realise my career aspirations. Disciplines such as corporate finance, brand management, operations, and research methodology have helped me make decisions considering the macro and micro factors and the financial implications while designing business models.

Something that added incomparable value to my time here were the professors. Some of the best I have ever had; they taught in such an exciting manner that it fostered a rich learning environment and has had a profound positive impact on my learning curve. Their guidance and mentorship have expanded my horizons and instilled in me a profound appreciation for lifelong learning. I want to take this opportunity to thank them for being instrumental in my educational and personal development.

This journey would not have been successful without the many peers who helped me navigate this one-year Global MBA. I had the privilege to be part of a cohort that revelled in helping their classmates and celebrated other’s success as their own. Working and unwinding with them and experiencing the highs and lows together shaped my growth and gave me experiences that taught me so much more than just academics and gave me a plethora of invaluable memories.

The GMBA program has honed my ability to think creatively, allowing me to tackle challenges with innovative solutions. It nurtured a strategic mindset, enabling me to make informed decisions that align with organisational goals.

Looking back at the 12 months of my Global MBA program, I look with a sense of accomplishment and immense gratitude.

About the Author

Sumeet Suresh, SP Jain Global’s GMBA alumnus who graduated in 2023, is currently working at Redington Gulf UAE. He is a multifaceted professional with a background in engineering and business development whose journey into business management was catalysed by the pursuit of an MBA.

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