Attracting Major Opportunities and Making the Most of Them- Dr Sai Hrushikesh Reddy Yadam’s (DBA 2021) Success Story


Dr Sai Hrushikesh Reddy Yadam joined SP Jain Global’s Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program in 2018. In the years that followed, not only did he excel in his academic pursuits, but he also transformed his career trajectory. Let’s find out more about Dr Yadam’s DBA journey.

Would you like to tell us about your research?

The agile capability to identify changes in the business environment and adapt quickly to suit new business models is essential to gain a competitive edge. The shipping and logistics industry is currently in the early stages of an innovation curve, and most organisations are yet to catch up with the pressure of realignment caused by the changing business environment. 

My research focus was to study the selected factors that impact business model innovation outcomes in the shipping and logistics industry. A few highlights of my study are as follows:

  1. Developed a literature review methodology framework using the PRISMA statement as a foundation
  2. Used Interpretive structural model and structural equation model techniques together for the study of sustainable business model innovation for the shipping & logistics industry
  3. Tested Rogers’ theory of diffusion of innovation theory for the shipping & logistics industry.
  4. Developed a 49-points action plan for the practitioners

What skills did you develop through your DBA degree at SP Jain Global? 

As SP Jain Global’s DBA was a practice-based degree, I had to implement the research findings at work, which meant that goals had to be identified and accomplished within realistic timelines. But a major part of my program was amid COVID-19, so the timelines were constantly shifting. It pushed me to think out of the box, and led me to find agile and creative solutions. Despite the setbacks, these skills helped me complete my planned work/projects and my doctorate on time.  

Another important skill I acquired was learning how to analytically understand and drive meaning out of large amount of data or information. As we live in times of over-information, it is crucial to have the skill of cutting through all the unnecessary bits and finding pearls. 

Q. How did the DBA degree help you in your professional life?

I am an analytical person who believes in the power of research. I often read journals and research articles to help myself become a better working professional. Many times, I have attempted to implement new research findings at my work. Their success encouraged me to take up this program as a researcher. Also, it helped me find a good research mentor at SP Jain Global, for which I am very grateful. 

Dr Arumugam Seetharaman (Professor and Dean – Research, SP Jain Global) taught many interesting management theories and techniques in his DBA lectures. Specifically, the concept of the ‘TOWS Matrix’ caught my attention, and it became the turning point of my life, helping me devise a five-year transformation road map for both – my professional and personal life. 

The road map helped me take great leaps in my career, move countries, work on various interesting profiles, and as a result, achieve five promotions in just a span of three years. I accomplished it under the guidance of all my teachers and mentors at work. 

We live in a world that is extremely dynamic and requires us to always stay one step ahead of the curve. It is ingrained in my DNA to look for new opportunities to learn and adapt. The doctorate program has given me an edge professionally, enabling me to contribute meaningfully to any role I undertake.

Q. What were some of the major contributions or projects you were involved in during your work tenure?

My contribution or projects can be broken into three parts:

Part 1 (Research & Development): To focus on identifying opportunities and gaps in current business models. 

I achieved it by understanding the pain points of all stakeholders linked with business models using various tools and techniques. Key Projects are business model innovation, customer journey mapping, business planning, change management, e-commerce management, business intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain study, Internet of Things (IoT), gamification strategy, balanced scorecard strategy, social media strategy, last-mile delivery, cold storage studies, CFS investment plan, cargo mapping, ISO 9001:2015 implementation & audit management.

Part 2 (Building a High-Performance Organisation): To focus on building lean organisation, process efficiency (cost-time-quality), and stakeholder delight. 

I developed a 360-degree process design model and incorporated it with ISO Quality Standards. Key projects are value stream mapping, enterprise business process reengineering, lean six sigma projects, brands integration, lean organisation setup, process standardisation & productivity mapping (KPI architecture & KPI management).

Part 3 (Digital Transformation): To focus on sustainable innovations by optimising the process using digital, mobile, and suitable enabling technologies. 

A few projects are customer relationship management (Microsoft Dynamics, SAP & Salesforce), customer and vendor portal (including mobile app), ERP project management (Oracle & SAP) & analytics dashboards (Scorecards & Role Bases).

What advice would you give future aspirants of the DBA program?

I would advise all the DBA aspirants to focus on the coursework to build upon a concrete foundation, discuss their focus topic and ideas with their supervisor, seek guidance, and narrow the topic related to work so they avoid having to live two different lives. Most importantly, they can implement most of the research work parallely at their workplace. Students should also build solid relationships, not feel shy to ask for help – the professors and staff at SP Jain Global are always there. At last, they should not forget to stay positive and enjoy the journey!

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