An International Rugby Player and a Business Intelligence Specialist – Aindrea Sewell’s (BEC 2018) Story

Let’s find out what happens when an academician is introduced to the field of sports, how she transforms the opportunity to form a women’s Rugby team and reaches the World Cup qualifiers! All this and more alongside emerging as the valedictorian of her batch and bagging a job as a Business Intelligence Specialist – Aindrea Sewell’s ambitious and inspiring story.

You have an impressive profile of sheer determination, passion and success. Could you tell us about your journey?

At SPJ, I was involved in basically everything related to sports. I played basketball, volleyball and football for the school and participated in the BITS Pilani Sports Festival. I wrapped up my Bachelor of Economics at SP Jain, Dubai, in 2018 and then completed an internship in the Strategy Department of Imdaad. Currently, I’m a Business Intelligence Specialist at Logistics Executive Group.

When I started working full-time, I had maybe six weeks of not doing anything active, and it wasn’t exciting, so I found myself at a CrossFit gym and got into that. Eventually, it was through CrossFit that I was introduced to the Dubai Sharks Rugby Club, and we started a women’s team.

What were your growing years like? How did you plan your life and education around your love for sports?

Growing up, I was always more of an academic than an athlete. I grew up swimming, dancing and playing tennis, but I mostly excelled in the classroom. I never thought I’d be playing sports past university; it wasn’t an option for me, so my education and international travel were my priorities when selecting SP Jain to be my university.

What are some of the significant accomplishments that you’ll forever cherish? 

Most recently, I received the great honour of being called to the Jamaica Senior Women’s Rugby 7s Squad to represent my home in a World Cup qualifying event. That’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done, and I’m so happy to experience that. I am fortunate to have graduated from SP Jain as a Valedictorian and on the Dean’s List. In my 3rd year, I did a semester abroad at IESEG in Lille, France and received the “Party Animal of the Semester” award amongst all the exchange students, which I thought was hilarious! 

You were recently selected to represent your country internationally in rugby. Congratulations! What was the highlight of this experience?

I don’t think I’ll ever have words to express how I felt receiving my jersey the night before the tournament. It’s a big responsibility to be trusted to represent your country, and I was aware of that throughout the week. I was so grateful to be there and proud of myself for working hard towards it. The biggest highlight for me was meeting the other girls on the team. We’ve got such a fantastic group of girls involved in the Jamaica program, and it was so much fun to get to know each other; essentially, I gained 13 new sisters that week, and I’ll have them in my life forever.

Apart from your exceptional sports talents, you are also a highly accomplished Business Intelligence Specialist at a leading consulting company. What does your role here entail?

My role entails market research and data analysis for corporate advisory projects, including supply chain audits and transformation plans, strategy development, M&A, market studies, feasibility studies & business plan development. 

You are also a published writer with multiple articles on powerful business insights, cold chain logistics, supply chains and more. What are some key insights you gained from your research?

Logistics and supply chains are the heart and soul of how the big global, ultra-connected world functions. When the world went into lockdown, supply chains worked overtime to ensure that increased demands from things like the rise in eCommerce could be met. Throughout the pandemic, supply chains kept our supermarket shelves stocked. The future of logistics will be faster, cheaper, agile, have more visibility throughout the end-to-end chain and ultimately be more customer-focused.

How did your time at SP Jain prepare you for this multifaceted career?

The balance between time in the classroom and time in the real world made SPJ great for me. I never felt like I was trapped in lecture after lecture, so I was able to spend time out and about in Singapore and Dubai, getting to meet industry experts and network whilst learning about the city, cultures and people. Priscilla from Corporate Relations in Dubai got me internships at Bose in the 2nd year and Imdaad in my 3rd year. The number one person at SPJ that helped me believe in myself and was my ultimate cheerleader was our Head of Global Learning, Megna Kalvani. Megna was just marvellous and instrumental to my growth and development between ages 19 -21, which made so much of stepping into the corporate world easier.

Your journey has been truly inspiring for many. Would you like to share some wisdom or a quote that has helped you throughout your journey?

I have so many quotes. I love to read and just keep saving little bits of knowledge to re-read. Some of my favourites are:

“Not everyone gets the opportunity to be stressed by the potential to achieve exceptional things.” – Tim Grover

“Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it.” – Harvey Mackay

“Do not let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden

What advice would you give young high-schoolers keen on taking a similar path as you? How can they make the best of their journey?

Say “YES”. It’s so incredibly cool what can happen if you just say yes. Don’t let fear be the reason that you don’t succeed. Confidence and self-belief are so important. And smile. Be happy and proud of yourself every step of the journey. A positive attitude and outlook can go such a long way!

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