Should Senior Professionals with Busy Schedules Consider an Executive MBA? Aniruddha Mukherjee (EMBA 2021) Shares

With more than seventeen years of rich industry experience, Aniruddha Mukherjee (EMBA 2021) has handled multi-million-dollar international projects of energy, automation, and digitalization. Apart from being Project Manager at ABB, he is playing an internal consultant role as well within ABB for project management process improvement and standardization which includes feedback sharing and implementation of various tools and techniques.

How do senior professionals like Aniruddha, with highly reputed profiles and years of experience, benefit from an Executive MBA? Let’s find out from his journey!

As a project leader, I strive to create a respectful and caring work environment that challenges team members to improve efficiency while ensuring that the team is aligned with the right vision and, at the same time, feels inspired.

I convey confidence to my clients that their project is in safe hands with business ethics and integrity in place. At the same time, I built up a dynamic and trustworthy relationship with cross-functional stakeholders and other associated partners.

I completed my graduation (Bachelor of Engineering) in 2004 and started working in the power industry as a control engineer. During that tenure, I traveled to the western part of the World a few times, mainly to France and Switzerland for technical meetings, product testing, and demonstration. Later, I relocated to Singapore with my wife and started working with ABB as a project manager. Change of job role, work culture, geographical exposure, and many more things – all took place at the same time. This was challenging for me at an initial stage and thank my peers and seniors for extending the required support for me to adjust and grow from there. That was my warm welcome to Singapore and spent 11 years just like the blink of my eyes. Now we are spending busy times with our two young daughters.

Recalling a quote by JP Morgan, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

The year 2021 is something special for me. Standing at mid-career, I decided to add oil to my wheel for faster acceleration. I earned my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification in 2021 and then decided to take up the challenge to earn a master’s degree. Engaging in a full-time course would be much more difficult due to other valid reasons, therefore I choose the executive management program.

I found the right curriculum structure in SP Jain School of Global Management which fits my aspiration requirement to build the right foundation for my next pathway. Appearing an entrance exam after so many years was not easy, that too one of the World’s renowned colleges and followed by face-to-face interview of Dean of Singapore Campus. I must say that I started an amazing journey.

My EMBA cohort at SP Jain includes fantastic professionals from different age groups and industries. It is a great experience to interact with such a diverse group!

The EMBA course is structured so that every module has one or more case study analyses with different groups, enhancing the teamwork and musketeers’ attitude. Each time there is a new idea, an innovative thought process stems from different corners of the table, followed by members of the team challenging the concept and offering positive criticism. The entire structure helps to enhance the critical thinking process and adopt practical time management skills at every step.

I am lucky to be backed by my wife with full support and cooperation to stand beside and encourage me continuously. I’ve got my hands on many exciting and informative insights in theory and practice and  I excitingly look forward to what’s yet to come my way and add valuable expertise to my existing profile.

I would like to end with a quote by Anne Frank, “What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet. The best is yet to come.

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