Preparing for a career in Logistics with SP Jain’s Professional Readiness Program – Aishwarya Vaidya’s MGB (2022) Story

“There is never a ‘right time’ to take a leap and a calculated risk. It all depends on how well you grab the opportunities in front of you and make the best out of every situation,” shares Aishwarya Vaidya (MGB 2022).

Taking a leap herself, Aishwarya completed her BBA with two years of work experience as a Project Management Officer (PMO) in the HR industry. To advance her career with in-depth knowledge of Logistics and Supply Chain, she enrolled for SP Jain’s Master of Global Business program. She then landed an internship as a Logistics Analyst at Danzas, a leading logistics and supply chain company in Dubai.

How did she bag this role? What was her transformation like from the HR industry to Logistics and Supply Chain? We caught up with Aishwarya to learn more about her journey and various SP Jain projects that helped shape her career.

Q. Why did you decide to join SP Jain’s MGB program?

I already have professional experience in project management, and I wanted to pursue a degree with great exposure and in-depth learning in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain. SP Jain’s MGB program gave me a global experience and helped me build corporate connections via various programs, industry visits and lectures.

The school also provides internship opportunities by the end of the third term, which helps gain exposure in the chosen field. Another important aspect was the Professional Readiness Program, which helped prepare myself and build my resume to crack the interviews.

Q. How have the last 12 months at various SP Jain campuses shaped you? What did you like the most about the program?

SP Jain’s MGB is a power-packed one-year program that not only teaches us about the subjects but also teaches us how to learn. It has provided us with amazing tools such as the e-library, simulation courses, and multiple industry visits, which encouraged us to learn and grow.

These 12 months have increased my leadership and public speaking skills, two essential skills to master before diving into the corporate world. The exposure to the diverse cultures of peers and faculty also provided an edge.

What I liked the most was the global and cultural immersion program. I believe learning happens outside the four walls of a classroom, which is why the global immersion program enriches the whole experience of studying abroad. We went to so many places, such as Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and Sheikh Zayed mosque, which helped us understand the rich culture of Dubai and UAE. It helped us deep-dive into the traditional Emirati culture and enjoy an amazing Emirati meal.

We also went to Ferrari World, water parks, adventure parks and camping! All these experiences aided in understanding the culture and diversity in Dubai and gave us a peek into the business world of Dubai. It helped us adapt to the country easily and naturally.

Q. What was your experience with SP Jain’s Professional Readiness Program?

SP Jain’s Professional Readiness Program (PRP) focused on mentoring each and every student on a personal level to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and behaviour in an interview and train them to increase their performance. Mentors were assigned to students who took mock interviews and provided extensive feedback regularly. Multiple lecture series prepared us for the soft skills required for interviews. All of these tools are really helpful for students to build themselves, their soft skills and their confidence.

My PRP mentor, Mr Devarajan Iyer was very patient and helped me figure out many things – what exactly interests me in the field of logistics, where I want to go, and engaging with the interviewer. PRP sessions were also helpful in making our CVs. A CV reflects your professional and academic history; it’s the first link towards getting your dream job. Hence, perfecting your CV is essential.

The Harappa team and college faculty are always available to help you review your CVs and provide feedback. Personally, I went through multiple rounds of review to perfect my CV, which was the first step toward getting an internship and exposure at Danzas.

Q. You have landed an internship with Danzas, a leading logistics and supply chain company in Dubai. How did you find out about this role? Why did you choose this organisation to intern with?

Everyone in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics knows about the position Danzas holds in the market, especially after COVID-19. They have been a trend-setter and a disrupter in the field of logistics. 

The college scheduled a visit to the ‘DHL innovation center’ where we saw everything in action, from the technologies they use to the team effort and collaboration. As a fresher in this field, it was very exciting and wonderful to see. So, as soon as I saw this company on the portal list, I was eager to apply for the opportunity to intern as a Logistics Analyst!

Q. What was your interview experience with Danzas? Could you tell us how you stood out from the other candidates and landed this role?

Even though I was nervous for this interview, thanks to the PRP sessions, I had my strategy set in order to convert this opportunity. The school faculty, Area Heads and PRP mentors helped me prepare for this by scheduling mock interviews beforehand and guiding me through the process. This was a huge relief because that’s how I learnt what was expected of me and what exactly I had to do for it. 

Apart from knowledge, the next important key that helped me crack this interview was the right attitude and confidence. The right attitude and willingness to accept any challenge were the reasons for my successful interview.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most from your Danzas experience?

I am really excited to see Danzas’s real-world situations and challenges in dealing with its clients’ logistics chain. I hope by the end of this internship, I will be able to understand everything in depth, apply all the learnings from the MGB program and find mentors who will help me understand the intricacies of the industry.

Learning, growth and mentorship are three things I am really looking forward to from my Danzas experiences. 

Q. What advice would you give future students who are about to start their SP Jain journey? How can they make the most of the SP Jain experience?

There is never a ‘right time’ to take a leap and a calculated risk. It all depends on how well you grab the opportunities in front of you and make the best out of every situation. Be participative in every discussion in the class, take on responsibilities of college activities, and learn from classes, peers and global experiences. There will be both good and bad days, but don’t forget to keep moving ahead and build connections!

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