Learning by Doing – Prashant Verma’s Internship Story with Aramex

An engineer at heart, I truly believe that management is at the core of growth – the knowledge of engineering can only be nurtured with the skill of management. When I decided to pursue my postgraduate degree at SP Jain, I chose Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (GLSCM) even though I had absolutely no experience in the industry – this is a field that had always piqued my interest. Today, I can proudly say that I don’t regret my decision even a bit.

Prashant Verma - Aramex Internship 1

Accepting my offer letter from SP Jain came with a condition – I had to be truly committed to the degree and give it everything I had. After diligently balancing my personal and academic life for 12 months, I was absolutely thrilled to be chosen as an intern at Aramex, one of the largest known names for logistics services in Dubai. Contrary to the popular notion that interns often face discrimination based on work-allocation and hierarchy, I had an incredible time at Aramex right from Day 1 and was treated like any other full-time employee. I was expected to deliver results like everyone else and had access to all the resources I’d need to ensure timely delivery.

Some of the biggest challenges in a corporate workplace are working on self-initiated projects and adjusting with people from diverse backgrounds. The 12 months I spent at SP Jain were crucial for me to face these challenges. Participating in innumerable Student Board Rooms, group projects, case studies and business simulations, living in top business hubs like Dubai, Singapore & Sydney, and studying with peers from different cultures and nationalities, my time at SP Jain prepared me for every challenge that life threw my way.

Prashant Verma - Aramex Internship 2

Sometimes, despite how well a concept is explained to you inside the classroom, it is only truly understood when you practice it yourself in the real world – and this is what Aramex helped me do. What stood out for me most during this internship were the multiple networking opportunities it provided me with – senior professionals often look out for a fresh take on things, and I am so glad that my skills and insights were proven useful!

About the Author – Prashant Verma
Prashant Verma is a Master of Global Business (MGB) student at SP Jain Global from the Class of 2019. A recent recipient of the global citizenship award from SP Jain, Prashant has over 2 years of corporate work experience and enjoys reading and living life to the fullest.