Is an MBA worth it in 2020? SP Jain’s Executive MBA Students Share

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to create a global economic slowdown, students hoping to start their MBA journey this year face a lot of uncertainty. Is an MBA degree worth the investment right now? What benefits will one get from pursuing a global business degree now while the world around us tries to overcome the pandemic? We spoke to a few of our Executive MBA students from recent intakes to understand why they believe that a part-time MBA was the best investment for them this year. Here’s what they had to say about their reasons for doing an MBA in 2020.


“I think one of the safest investments that you can make at this time is in your learning and development. Pursuing an international MBA will equip me with the latest knowledge and global best practices in building an agile and sustainable business in the new normal.”

Marc Gorospe (Business Solutions Director, Insurance Industry)


“When COVID-19 pushed the world into an unprecedented situation, the air was pessimistic everywhere and the economy looked quite gloomy. Everyone was talking about putting all their plans on hold and concentrating on their current jobs. But I think this was the perfect opportunity to enter into further studies – to learn new skills and tackle the new challenges and opportunities in the post-COVID market.

Deciding to move forward with one’s original plans, when all we hear around us is pessimism, takes courage; but putting a hold on an education that will train you for the future is hardly an option worth considering. Now more than ever, considering an MBA is a great option. An MBA is a journey that is meant to transform the way you face new business challenges and this pandemic.”

Netra Mehta (Project Manager, Thales Group)


“By the time we overcome this pandemic, I believe that the world would have changed in many aspects. From global manufacturing hub shifts to the industry disruption due to COVID, everything is going to change, and to stay relevant, one must learn about the latest trends, broaden their networks, equip themselves with new tools and techniques, and position themselves to meet the current market requirements. Needless to say, management skills have never been more important to long-term career success.”

Parag Somany (Head – Exports Sales, Melangor Pte Ltd (BK Birla Group))


“I was contemplating an Executive MBA for quite a while, and the current situation made the decision much easier for me. With an unexpected restriction on outdoor activities and overseas trips, I had a bit of free time available, and I wanted to invest that in my personal growth. The SP Jain Executive MBA made the most sense to me since the school had been offering online-only education much before the onset of the pandemic. It was clear that SP Jain was much more prepared than the other b-schools out there. The weekend schedule and the global rankings and recognition were a bonus, as well.”

Amit Shedha Vice President, Citi


“With over 5 years of experience in B2B marketing in the GCC region, I felt that it was time to invest in my professional and personal growth. Even though there was an unexpected global outbreak of COVID-19, I decided to enroll in the EMBA program at SP Jain earlier this year with an aim to learn and expand my skillset and make the best use of this time available to me.”

Christle Balabat (Regional Marketing and Communications Specialist, Rapid Access LLC)

So, do you want to invest in your personal and professional growth with an MBA this year? Tell us why in the comments below.

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