How an Entrepreneurial Gene and Exposure to a Globally Ranked MBA Shaped Niket Mehta’s Career

Born and raised in a business family in the financial capital of India, Niket Mehta (Global MBA Class of 2020) was always familiar with the daily hassles of running a business. At a very young age, Niket was inspired by his father’s business skills and developed an inclination towards learning core business ethics.

Today, he is working with Genpact LLC as the Growth Manager for Global Healthcare Markets, a role coveted by many. What did his journey look like till now? We caught up with Niket to find out.

Q. Was there a particular moment while growing up when you decided to choose the career you are currently in?

Niket: I have always had long-sighted thinking when it comes to life. So, at any given point, I would have a 5-year plan ready towards which I start to work from today. When it came to choosing my career, I was quite open to exploring any industry, understanding it, and seeing how I can add value to it. For inspiration, I have always looked up to my dad, who is a successful IT entrepreneur, and tried to incorporate some of his best qualities like business acumen and following the rules of the land, within myself.

Q. What were you up to before you signed up for the Global MBA at SP Jain?

Niket: I hold a Bachelor’s in Management Studies degree from Mithibai College, affiliated with the University of Mumbai. Before SP Jain, I worked in the Life Insurance industry in India as a Sales strategist for nearly 4 years at Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. At first, I had the same cliched opinion about life insurance as everyone around me – that it was just about selling policies. But once I entered the industry, I realised that this business was much beyond policies; getting to know the intricacies of this business was extremely fun and challenging. Some key skills which I picked up during my 4-year stint were relationship management, sales strategy, performance management, and project management.

Niket Mehta - Global MBA - Class of 2020 -1

Q. Why did you decide to apply for SP Jain’s Global MBA?

Niket: I found out about SP Jain through one of my cousins, and the reason I decided to enrol for the Global MBA program was the sheer global experience that the course provides. For a curious soul like me, nothing would’ve been more interesting and challenging than studying in 3 different cities and exploring the different ways of doing business along with the rich cultural heritage that each of the cities possesses.

Niket Mehta - Global MBA - Class of 2020 -2

Q. Would you say that your time at SP Jain helped you?

Niket: My SP Jain experience was fantastic right from Day 1. From learning in a dynamic classroom full of students from different industries and backgrounds to exploring different cultures, the experience moulded me to be a thought leader and trained me to think from a holistic perspective. Improved decision-making skills and self-confidence were some of the best takeaways for me. I absolutely loved the business simulations and enjoyed how they gave us a realistic feeler of stepping into the shoes of a CEO and thinking like one.

Niket Mehta - Global MBA - Class of 2020 -3

Q. What are you most proud of accomplishing during the course of your MBA?

Niket: One of the proudest accomplishments for me at SP Jain was when I participated in ‘The Great Australian Debate’ along with two of my peers, and won. Other than this, we also got an opportunity to present to the CXOs of a reputable firm in Australia, discussing their business challenges around coping with the market share – this was one of the best projects we did! These opportunities, and more, have truly helped me in getting placed at a global MNC today.