Fuelling Career from Engineering to Oil & Gas Sector: Mandar Luktuke’s EMBA Journey

Mandar Luktuke, an accomplished professional in the Oil & Gas industry, started his academic journey in the halls of an engineering college in India. Now, he proudly holds the distinguished position as Vice President of Gas Processing. With experiences spanning the remote corners of India to the glamorous world of Dubai, Mandar’s career trajectory showcases his determination to grow, persevere, and succeed in the competitive world of Oil & Gas. 

How have Mandar’s new skills through the EMBA program propelled his climb up the corporate ladder? Join us as we navigate through the chapters of his remarkable SP Jain journey.

Would you like to tell us about your personal, academic, and professional journey so far?

It has been a great journey so far – Starting from the engineering college in the remote parts of India to eventually entering the glamorous world of Dubai via the Oil and Gas corridors of Abu Dhabi. 

In the UAE, I grew from the position of a Proposals Engineer in a small UK-based company that operated out of a porta cabin in Mussafah. Over time, I got the opportunity to work on projects worth 500 Million USD in the Oil and Gas sector, which has been a remarkable experience. 

Currently, I hold the position of Vice President of Gas Processing, where my focus lies on working to expand an Indian company’s international presence in the field of gas processing projects.

On the personal front, the UAE holds a special place in my heart as it has been the birthplace of both of my children. Shortly after getting married, we moved to the UAE, and the friendships we have cultivated over the past 23 years have been invaluable to us.

As someone holding a senior position in the Energy & Oil industry, how did you decide to pursue an MBA at this stage of your career?

At a point in my career, I had noticed that the growth curve had plateaued. So, to take the next step in the organisation, it became evident that I had to enhance my skill set in various management domains, including financial acumen. SP Jain’s Executive MBA gave me insights into various other aspects of the business, helping me develop an overall understanding of the markets and gain the necessary tools to take the next jump in my career. 

What were your favourite aspects of SP Jain’s Executive MBA program? 

I enjoyed engaging in numerous group activities and assignments from various subjects. Besides building friendships with the batchmates, these experiences provided valuable opportunities to learn about their diverse perspectives and life experiences. 

I also found the EMBA curriculum to be beneficial overall. But two components stood out for me – the first one being Mergers and Acquisitions, which helped me gain relevant knowledge. Additionally, honing my negotiating skills through the program was instrumental in my role as a part of the Sales/Business Development team. 

How did the new skills you acquired through the EMBA program assist you in climbing the corporate ladder?

Isn’t it rightly said that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”? 

Since pursuing the EMBA program at SP Jain, I have climbed the corporate ladder transitioning from Business Development Director to Head of Gas Processing, and currently, I am the Vice President in Gas Processing. I would attribute these advancements to the new skills gained from the EMBA, which equipped me to excel and thrive in my professional journey.

How would you describe the return on investment or ROI associated with SP Jain’s EMBA program? 

From my perspective, the return on investment associated with SP Jain’s EMBA has been substantial. The time and effort invested in the program have proven to be highly profitable, not just in terms of career progression but also in terms of building valuable connections, cultivating lifelong friendships, and expanding my professional network. 

What would be your advice for future students of SP Jain’s EMBA program to make the most of this program?

Don’t give up. The journey may be challenging but keep at it, and you will see the light at the end of the EMBA tunnel!

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