Amplifying His Expertise with SP Jain’s EMBA – Marc Gorospe’s Journey

Marc Gorospe, Head of Business (Insurtech) at UBX, recently completed his Executive MBA (Online) journey at SP Jain. How did the program help him in his professional life? We caught up with Marc over a quick chat to find out.

Marc Gorospe - SP Jain EMBA

Q. How did you discover SP Jain’s EMBA, and why did you decide this was the ideal program for you?

Marc: I learned about SP Jain’s EMBA program from a friend who had completed the degree. She recommended it to me because the program was designed for working professionals like her who are interested in learning and growing professionally with people from countries around the world. I was also looking for an international business school that offered an online Executive MBA program, and SP Jain fit the bill perfectly. What drew me more to the program was its global perspective and curriculum, which I felt would benefit my work in a leading financial technology company in the region. 

Q. Do you think studying EMBA with SP Jain helped you in your career progression journey? 

Marc: The SP Jain EMBA has been an eye-opening experience for me and equipped me with frameworks essential to my role as Head of Business (Insurtech) at UBX. My favourite aspect of the course was playing company executives in class, running key business decisions under pressure. This helped me get insights into how real businesses function, which is what you need when managing risks!

I would recommend the SP Jain EMBA to anyone seeking to gain a global perspective of businesses and deepen their understanding of how businesses operate. The program has helped me develop a strong network of friends and colleagues from around the world, who I can rely on for advice and support.

Q. What insights or tips would you like to share with professionals considering an Executive MBA degree to climb the career ladder?

Marc: The journey is an investment in your future career as we all learn from each other’s mistakes along this path together. The EMBA program will provide the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for success in business, including exposure to a cohort with years of management experience. The program also provides students business knowledge, strategic frameworks, and a simulation platform. Through these, students can make many decisions that could be correct or not – the simulations will help teach the students how to handle these situations when they arise at work. 

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