A Lawyer Walks into a Marketing Internship

People often ask me why I decided to pursue an MBA in Marketing. I am a graduate in law, and while I had studied marketing in a correspondence course before, I always wanted to pursue my master’s degree in a dynamic and competitive environment. When I came across the Master of Global Business (MGB) program at SP Jain, I realised this is what I needed. There was quite some potential in the combination of law and marketing, and when I got accepted into SP Jain, I couldn’t miss the opportunity!

12 months of intense lectures, presentations, debates, SBRs, Case Discussions, Global Immersions, and projects later, here I am with a highly coveted internship at Kantar Worldpanel – one of the world’s leading data, insights and consulting companies. Kantar is an employee-oriented organisation in every sense. The number of interview rounds I had to clear to land this internship was truly surprising, although definitely worth it! My mentors are brilliant, and the internship is giving me great exposure as well.

More than getting new and interesting projects to work on, what really excites me is how much I am learning about the FMCG market and the factors which impact the market. At Kantar, the shoppers’ data has helped many brands deal with the most unexpected threats and produce high profits even with excessive competition. The global trends, the impact of various elements of the economic environment on FMCG, the use of data analytics to create meaningful and actionable insights, and the counterintuitive resolutions to problems faced by diverse markets like the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Africa would be my best take-aways from this internship.

Being a very detail oriented and curious person, I feel this internship has made it possible for me to understand the interplay of various external forces in shaping the fate of an organisation. Dealing with data of brands like PepsiCo and Unilever has given me clarity on how much the competition is growing and how strategically these organisations take their product-related decisions to thrive in this era. Every day is a learning opportunity, and I cannot wait to see where this internship takes me!

About the Author: Preety Rajpoot (MGB Jan’18)
Preety Rajpoot is an MGB student specialising in Contemporary Marketing Management at SP Jain School of Global Management. She is a law graduate and assistant attorney by profession, with 3 years of experience in sales. Highly inquisitive and ambitious, Preety is a double post graduate who strives to break the glass ceiling with her forward thinking.

She is a voracious reader, a confident and personable presenter, and has keen interest in current affairs.

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