Turning Stressful Situations into Resourceful Inspiration

Inspiring Stories from a Peruvian Fashion E-commerce owner.

Marita and her friends from Philippines and India

When we think of Peru, we think of the unparalleled experience of a rich cultural heritage that they offer. From Inca temples to colonial architecture, the country really does have its fair share of awe-inspiring wonders.

A dimension that tends to be missed, however, is how adventurous and thirsty for knowledge some of their young professionals are.

Marita Begazo from Lima has big dreams. She wants to do something great for the Peruvian community. She wishes to travel. She aspires to create change.

“Is not usual for Peruvians to go to Asia for studies. It is too far from our families and the culture is really different from ours, but it is a big challenge if you decide to do it””

Marita joined S P Jain Global MBA program last May 2017. For the past year, she gained plenty of new friends, experiences, and wonderful memories.

“Be Me — being myself, being me”

BE ME — Bringing the Best to Peruvian Women

Marita is the founder of an online e-commerce shop called Be Me. The label aspires to empower ladies to be their best selves, to feel independent and be confident, to create their own style with grace. The name says it all: “Be Me — being myself, being me”.

“I want Peruvian ladies to wear these shoes to be able to stand high and tall, to be proud of themselves regardless of the situation.”

Finding Friends and Silver Linings — The Key to Successful Struggles

School was not always easy. Managing a fashion e-commerce while going to an MBA program was doubly difficult. We’re all familiar with the stress that follows exams and report deadlines — but imagine adding the pressures of a season launch on top of that!

But for Marita, this was no reason to wallow in anxiety. In fact, she took it as a challenge to learn more about planning and time management.

After all, her classes were very helpful. Her lecturers would share up-to-date industry know-hows. She, in turn, would use her own business as case studies in class discussions and gain valuable insights and suggestions from her peers. How could she ever give this up?

But there were also the emotional struggles. This is Marita’s first time being so far away from home for such a long period. Naturally, friendship became a core part of moral support during this one year, and the many years to come.

Marita visiting her friends in Mumbai, India after completing her Global MBA program in SP Jain

English was not Marita’s native language, but she was able to speak more fluently as time goes. That was made possible with the help of her friends. She even managed to teach them some Spanish!

In the end, Marita doubled-down on her hard work and found ways to stay motivated with her friends. She never forgot to look for the silver lining in all the stressful situations she has to deal with, and turn them into resourceful inspiring moments.

Clearer Than Ever

School had made Marita see the need to help her Peruvian community to be more aware of today’s technological trends. E-commerce in Peru was a little lagging compared to many other countries.

Being in a school with people from different cities has allowed Marita to learn about the different phases of technological adoption in various countries. She has learned how different demographics adapt differently to technological trends.

“In the years to come, I hope to see the number of people buying things online increase.”

Marita’s journey with S P Jain might have ended. Though it was a very tough year with sleepless nights, too much coffee, and too much stress, her goal of what she wants in life is now clearer than ever.

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