Understanding Global Business Practices – How Vinh Huyen Vo Benefitted from Her BBA Journey

Vinh Huyen Vo (Vi) from Vietnam graduated with SP Jain’s Bachelor of Business Administration in 2022. How did the last four years of her life shape her? We caught up with Vi over a quick chat to find out.

Q. You shared a classroom with peers from many different countries. How was this experience?

SP Jain professors always encouraged us to have multicultural teammates in a group to learn more about other cultures. I got to work with many of my peers from India, Mauritius, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand. Most of them were hard-working, responsible, and had excellent knowledge about business which I could learn. I always felt motivated and joyful when working with them.

Q. What are your favourite memories from the tri-city SP Jain journey?

I loved the global learning experience in each country and made sure to participate in as many as possible. Singapore was my favourite campus and city of the lot – everything in Singapore is convenient and within your reach.

The internship experiences during my summers were also quite memorable. In Year 2, I interned in the Finance department at Retex in Vietnam. In Year 3, I was a Business Executive at Hekate, again in Vietnam. Finally, in Year 4, I was a Finance Intern at Walsh Bay Partners in Sydney.

I also made it to the Dean’s List in Semester 5, which was exciting!

Q. Did you have a favourite faculty?

I loved Dr Nitin Patwa from the Dubai campus. His teaching method is very new and compelling. He focused on the main topics that were practical and useful for us in the future. Even though Dr Patwa taught us one of the most stressful subjects, his sense of humour helped us feel relaxed in each of his lessons.

Q. What changes have you observed in yourself today, after your graduation?

Without SP Jain, I would not have become who I am today. Living far from family at a young age encouraged me to learn how to do everything independently.

One of my biggest learnings has been about global business. Since I got to study and work with people from many backgrounds, I now understand how businesses operate in each culture. This also helps me understand cultural nuances and behave appropriately at business appointments with different nationalities.

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