Pursuing SP Jain’s EMBA (Online) from the Silicon Valley – A Glimpse Into Priyanku Bora’s Learning Experience

An engineer with 16 years of rich experience in leading technical programs in Product Development, Manufacturing and New Product Introduction, Priyanku Bora (EMBA 2022) is currently a Principal Engineer with Bloom Energy in Silicon Valley, leading a team of engineers.

Priyanku lives in California with his wife and son, and it is from here, that he pursued SP Jain’s Executive MBA (Online) program. What was it like completing an EMBA at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic? How did this program help him in his personal and professional life? To find out the answers to these questions and more, we caught up with Priyanku over a quick chat.


1. What are some of your fondest memories from the 18 months at SP Jain?

I started my MBA journey at the peak of the pandemic here in the USA. Meeting the faculty members and cohort brought so much positivity and a better perspective to life, which was priceless. 

Before my MBA, I found reading and analysing financial statements difficult. However, once I started the program, Prof. Manek Mukesh simplified Financial Accounting to such a level that reading and analysing financial statements became fun. Also, I must mention the first course, ‘Personal Effectiveness’, which gave me solid ground on building a great personality and becoming a better human. 

2. What were your favourite aspects of the program? 

The Engaged Learning Online (ELO) technology was top-notch and the best way to learn during COVID-19. Though classes were virtual, ELO enabled a classroom environment, making interactions with peers and faculty natural. When we met our classmates during the graduation ceremony in Dubai, we didn’t even realise that we were meeting each other physically for the first time. That was the impact of ELO. Another advantage was running through the class recordings and notes to revise what was being taught. 

We had a Global Immersion Project in Term 2. We worked in groups to identify a real-world project, perform research and study, and develop theory-backed, practical, and real-world solutions. The whole experience of doing this 3-month project was very enriching as we got firsthand experience exercising the knowledge body of various courses taught in Terms 1 and 2. 

3. How did your peer interactions help you build knowledge of diverse fields?

My peer learning in the program was outstanding. We had successful professionals from diverse roles such as Software and Hardware engineers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Chartered Accountants, Financial Analysts, Production Managers, Corporate Lawyers, and Company General Counsels. It emulated a C-suite executive exposure where I had to work with my peers in case studies, presentations, assignments, and the Global Immersion Project. Learning from each other was great, leveraging their core strength.

At the same time, I improved my teamwork skills, learning to respect others’ opinions and perspectives in solving real-world business issues. Communication and negotiation were also some of the excellent skills I developed from my peers.  

4. Where do you see yourself a few years down the line?

The EMBA program helped me streamline my career and gave me a perspective on leveraging my work experience and EMBA learnings to maximise my value proposition.

A few years later, I want to head an operations & manufacturing organisation and, more importantly, add significant value to business and people. I also want to do well in investment, and I’m currently pursuing some courses in investment to help me with this. 

5. What advice would you like to give our future EMBA graduates embarking on a similar journey? How can they make the best of this opportunity?

I would say it is totally worth the time and financial investment. The EMBA gives more than a degree and course knowledge. The EMBA experience gives you the confidence to take positive actions in your career and the courage to negotiate the status quo with yourself, the job market, or even your current employer.

You will also make wonderful friends during this journey who will always support you. Is it not wonderful to make lifetime friends who are as ambitious and supportive as you are? 


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