Securing a Dream Job At ClickUp – Atharva Kamtekar’s (BBA 2023) SP Jain Global Journey

Meet Atharva Kamtekar (BBA 2023), who didn’t just graduate but landed a coveted position at ClickUp a year before tossing his cap in the air. Juggling studies and a four-day workweek, Atharva seamlessly danced through the balancing act before waltzing into his full-time role this May. Intrigued? So were we! Join us as we dive into Atharva’s journey—exploring his placement experience, day-to-day adventures, and the secrets behind his successful transition into the professional world. 

Would you like to introduce yourself?

I was born and raised in Mumbai and spent 18 years of my life there before leaving for further studies. Throughout my childhood, I have been involved in various sports, including skating, tennis, cricket, football, and athletics.

One of my greatest passions is watching different sports, with cricket being at the top of the list. I even travel across the world to support the Indian cricket team during the World Cup.

Besides sports, I also love to travel, explore new cities, experience different cultures, and relish diverse cuisines and desserts. I have travelled to 20+ countries already, and I made it a goal to explore one or two new countries every year.

A recent hobby that has developed since my move to Australia is hiking. This country offers some of the most breathtaking hiking trails, and I try to undertake a new hike nearly every other weekend to witness the scenic sunrises and sunsets.

I am passionate about health, fitness, and mental well-being. Thus, I like experimenting with various morning routines, fitness programs, meditation practices, and retreats.

I also intend to get a boating and private plane license since it would be amazing to have a land, water, and air license.  

Describe your favourite experiences so far at SP Jain Global. 

It was a great experience to have classmates from diverse backgrounds from different parts of the world and India. It allowed me to learn about various cultures and backgrounds, and it was also fun to understand different languages. 

GL/SL activities provided a refreshing break from our weekly classes. Some activities were quite fun and adventurous. They allowed us to expand our network, gain industry insights, and connect with leaders in those industries. 

Most of our faculty members were industry professionals, so, it was good to know their real-life experiences and learnings. They taught all the subjects in a practical manner with numerous individual and group assignments that helped us understand those subjects in depth. Collaborating with our classmates on these assignments helped us understand group dynamics and taught us how things work in a group setting. Moreover, Regional Immersion Projects and Action Learning Projects involved substantial research and contributed to our learning. 

Specific subjects, like Project Management and Critical Thinking, proved to be highly practical, and they are helping me now in my current job as I am working for a project management software company. 

How were your internship experiences while studying at SP Jain Global?

In Year 1, during the summer break, I got the opportunity to work with Snaphunt, an HR Tech startup. I joined as a Business Development Intern as a part of their Inside Sales Team. Interestingly, there was no open role earlier, but I took the initiative to reach out directly to the Founder via LinkedIn. After a chat/interview, she offered me the role. I was fortunate to work in the HR Tech industry during the pandemic when the industry was accelerating due to remote working. 

During this two-month internship, extended by two more months, I worked directly under the Vice President of partnerships and CEO. I was part of their new virtual campus hiring software project, all while working remotely.

In Year 2, I worked with the Founder Institute GCC, the world’s largest startup accelerator. As a Partnerships and Program Operations Intern, I engaged in a part-time internship for four months during the semester. The opportunity came through SP Jain Global. It all started with a conversation I had with their Regional Director during a college event, which eventually led to my interview. I became their first intern hire and was responsible for creating a systematic, process-driven approach to partner outreach and management. 

Then, during my Year 2 summer break, I interned with Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, one of the largest international logistics providers. I worked as a Sales Planning Intern, contributing to the backend department of the Sales Team. My two-month internship was extended by an additional month. I collaborated closely with the Sales Planning Manager, gaining valuable insights into the logistics industry in Dubai, a major hub for logistics companies. During my time there, I assisted with sales planning processes, including forecasting and KPI reporting at the individual sales level.

In Year 3, I worked with Resonate Solutions, the leading Australian provider of Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE), and NPS Management software. Here, I served as a Sales Intern in the Business Development department.

My decision to pursue a career in the software and technology industry was influenced by its rapid growth and enduring importance in the business world. Remarkably, I secured this role even before arriving in Australia. I had been applying since November 2021, well aware of my impending move to Australia. I did my interview rounds from India and got the job. I landed in Australia in January last week and started this job in February 2022. This six-month experience involved me working directly with the Chief Revenue Officer, and analysing the ANZ market to identify new business opportunities and qualified leads in support of sales strategies and growth. 

Congratulations on your new job! Could you take us through your new role? How did SP Jain Global help with your placement?

I joined ClickUp, an all-in-one productivity platform, as a Sales Development Representative. I am a part of the XDR Team at the organisation.

ClickUp was among the top 10 companies I aspired to work for. I began my efforts to join the team at ClickUp in October 2021. My persistence paid off when I noticed an open role in May 2022, and promptly applied and reached out to the hiring manager. Although that specific role had been filled, they considered me for the next position they were planning to hire for, which is my current role. After the selection process with 5-6 rounds, I finally landed my dream job. Notably, I became the first Sales Development Representative in the region and one of the youngest employees not only in the region but also across the entire company. While the role was originally full-time, considering my previous experience, passions, and skillset, they adjusted my work schedule to four days a week, made possible through flexibility and hybrid working arrangements.

SP Jain Global played a crucial role in equipping me with the skills and experiences instrumental in securing a full-time placement. The program offered practical subjects that honed my abilities, including Project Management, Strategic Management, Critical Thinking, and Decision Making.

The school also encouraged collaborative learning through group projects, which didn’t just enhance my communication and teamwork skills but also improved my ability to deliver effective presentations. 

How did you secure a full-time placement around a year before graduation?

I had previously interned in different countries. I consistently went above and beyond in my job applications, tailoring each application to the specific role and company. 

I also created a list of companies I aspired to work for and proactively reached out to their recruiters and hiring managers. Additionally, using LinkedIn the right way played a pivotal role in my success, helping me build meaningful connections and expand my network. 

What are your expectations and goals for this role?

ClickUp has laid a foundation for me in the software industry. After my last internship with Resonate Solutions, I made up my mind to build a career in the software industry as it is ever-evolving with new developments coming in every year, and it will never die. With the world moving to a more technologically driven approach, it is the best industry to be in right now. The business/revenue side of the software industry is rewarding, and being in software sales offers greater pay, flexibility, and opportunities for advancement. It enables me to make lasting connections with many people, which aligns with my personal interests.  I want to continue working for a software company in its growth stage as it comes with various challenges and opportunities. I intend to stay in this industry and grow up the ranks, eventually leading the sales function of a leading software company in 10 years.

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