Converting Learnings into a Professional Triumph: Spandita Patel’s Inspirational MGB Journey

Spandita Patel (MGB intake of 2021), a photography enthusiast and adventure freak, recently converted her internship into a full-time Operation Coordinator position at Yango Delivery. She started her SP Jain journey in 2021 to gain global perspectives and a multi-campus experience. With a comprehensive curriculum, industry connections, and collaborative learning, Spandita developed analytical and problem-solving skills, which proved valuable at her workplace.

What challenges did she encounter during her internship at Yango Delivery? How did the MGB program prepare her to succeed in its dynamic work environment?

Let’s find out over a quick chat. 

Why did you choose to study MGB at SP Jain?

I chose to study Master of Global Business at SP Jain for several reasons. Firstly, SP Jain has a stellar reputation for its business programs and is known for providing a holistic and practical approach to education. The MGB program specifically caught my attention because of its focus on global business perspectives, which aligns with my career aspirations in the international business arena.

Furthermore, SP Jain’s MGB offers a unique learning model, including a multi-campus experience. As a part of the program, students can study in different global cities, such as Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, and Mumbai. This aspect excited me the most as it provides a diverse and immersive learning environment and enables us to develop a deep understanding of global markets, cultures, and business practices.

Another factor that influenced my decision was the strong industry connections and networking opportunities offered by SP Jain. The program has a reputation for facilitating meaningful industry collaborations and engagements, which can enhance my career prospects and provide valuable insights into the business world.

Lastly, the MGB program’s comprehensive curriculum, covering international marketing, finance, strategy, and supply chain management, appealed to me. It offered a well-rounded education that would equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a global business environment.

Considering all these factors, SP Jain’s MGB program stood out as the ideal choice to pursue my academic and career goals. I am confident that the program will provide me with the platform to excel and make a meaningful impact in the world of international business.

What skills did you develop as a part of the program?

The faculty at SP Jain is highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields. They brought real-world insights and practical examples into the classroom, enriching our learning experience. Their expertise and willingness to engage with students created an interactive and intellectually stimulating environment.

The MGB curriculum is comprehensive and well-designed. It provided a balanced blend of theoretical knowledge and practical applications. The program offered specialised courses in areas such as international marketing, finance, strategy, and supply chain management, which allowed me to develop a strong foundation in various aspects of global business and gain a holistic understanding of the field.

One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the emphasis on experiential learning through projects and case studies. These real-life business scenarios allowed us to apply theoretical concepts and problem-solving skills to analyse and develop strategies. It enhanced my critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical abilities, which are vital skills in the business world.

Moreover, the collaborative learning environment at SP Jain was remarkable. Interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures broadened my perspectives and nurtured my cross-cultural communication and teamwork skills. Engaging in group projects and discussions fostered a dynamic learning atmosphere where we could learn from each other’s experiences and build lifelong professional networks.

As a part of the program, I developed various valuable skills. Firstly, rigorous coursework and case studies improved my analytical and problem-solving skills significantly. I learned how to analyse complex business challenges, gather relevant data, and develop effective strategies.

Secondly, regular class presentations, group discussions, and interactions with faculty and industry experts honed my communication and presentation skills. I learned to articulate my ideas effectively and confidently communicate my thoughts to diverse audiences.

Lastly, the program emphasised leadership and management skills. Through various team projects and simulations, I acquired the ability to lead teams, delegate tasks, and navigate different business scenarios.

I am grateful for the enriching experience and the skills I developed during my time in the program.

Congratulations on successfully converting your internship into a full-time job! Can you tell us about the organisation you’re working for, the industry it operates in, and your role?

I work with Yango Delivery, a UAE-based delivery company that delivers food, groceries, flowers, documents, and other products, on demand. It offers services in several UAE cities, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Al Ain. 

My roles and responsibilities as an Operation Coordinator are: 

  • Managing and optimising client operations
  • Designing PPT for pilot training
  • Handling 20 clients and up to 300 orders 
  • Daily unifying the common order sheet between clients and Yango and setting up geocoding procedures to improve turnaround time
  • Sending a daily performance report to all my clients involved in planning and controlling supplies
  • Providing support to other verticals like ODD and NDD as necessary
  • Handling departure and overseeing the couriers
  • Monitoring the performance of the courier closely daily
  • Providing that the courier has achieved both his success and delivery targets
  • Weekly monitoring of poor performance and implementing corrective actions
  • Coordinating with the finance team to resolve courier-related COD issues
  • Keeping a daily report of shipments, both pending OFD
  • Collaborating according to the forecast provided for the incoming shipments
  • Responding to customer enquiries and referring clients to the proper channels

How did you secure a full-time position with this organisation? Was it a career path you had always aspired to pursue?

Securing a full-time position with this organisation was the result of a combination of factors, including my qualifications, skills, and dedication to pursuing a career in this field. Although I was a marketing student, getting into the operation role was challenging. For that, I underwent a rigorous application and interview process and carefully tailored my resume and cover letter to highlight my relevant skills and alignment with the organisation’s values. I also prepared extensively for the interviews, researching the organisation, practising common interview questions, and showcasing my passion and enthusiasm for the work they do. My training with Harappa also helped as the training process to secure a good job was immaculate. During the interviews, I emphasised my qualifications and demonstrated how my past skill set aligned with the position requirements. I showcased my eagerness to contribute to the organisation’s goals and make a positive impact. A combination of my qualifications, interview performance, and cultural fit helped me secure a full-time position with this organisation.

My passion for this field developed over time by working and learning about it as a newbie. While I had a general interest in the industry, I actively pursued opportunities to gain experience, learn more about the field, and understand its potential impact. Through internships, volunteer work, and continuous learning, I realised that this career path aligned perfectly with my skills, values, and long-term aspirations.

While I may not have always known that Yango Delivery would be the one I would work for, I had always aspired to contribute to a cause or industry that made a positive difference in people’s lives. So, securing a full-time position with this organisation was a significant milestone in my career journey, allowing me to combine my passion, skills, and values in a meaningful way.

How did you prepare for the interview?

In preparing for the interview, I followed a comprehensive approach that involved a combination of self-preparation and utilising the resources available to me through SP Jain.

Firstly, I conducted thorough research on the organisation I was interviewing with and familiarised myself with its mission, values, products/services, recent news or developments, and any specific projects or initiatives they were undertaking. This research allowed me to tailor my responses to the interview questions and demonstrate my knowledge and enthusiasm about the organisation.

Additionally, I prepared responses to common interview questions. I reflected on my past experiences, both academic and professional, and identified specific examples that showcased my skills, accomplishments, and problem-solving abilities. I practised articulating these examples in a concise and confident manner, ensuring that they aligned with the competencies sought by the organisation. 

SP Jain played a significant role in my interview preparation. Its career services team (HARAPPA) provided valuable guidance and resources throughout the process, conducting mock interview sessions, allowing me to practice my responses, and giving constructive feedback. These mock interviews helped me identify areas of improvement, refine my answers, and build confidence in my interview skills. 

Furthermore, SP Jain organised workshops and seminars on interview techniques and strategies. These sessions provided insights into the expectations of employers and helped me understand the best practices for showcasing my skills and experiences effectively during an interview. The faculty and industry professionals at SP Jain also shared their expertise and advice on interview preparation, which proved invaluable in my overall readiness. 

Additionally, the alumni network of SP Jain was a valuable resource. I reached out to alumni who had previously gone through the interview process with similar organisations. They shared their experiences, tips, and insights, further enhancing my understanding of the interview process and the organisation I was applying. 

Overall, through a combination of self-preparation, SP Jain’s career services, workshops, mock interviews, and the alumni guidance, I felt well-prepared and confident for my interview. The support provided by SP Jain played a vital role in boosting my preparation and ensuring that I presented myself effectively during the interview.

Do you think the skills you gained in your MGB are helping you in this internship?

The skills I gained during my MGB program have been incredibly helpful in my current internship. It equipped me with diverse sets of skills that have seamlessly translated into practical applications in the workplace.

Firstly, the MGB program enhanced my analytical and problem-solving skills. Through various coursework, case studies, and projects, I developed the ability to analyse complex business challenges, identify key issues, and propose effective solutions.This skill has been invaluable in my internship as it allows me to approach tasks and projects with a structured and strategic mindset, enabling me to contribute to problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Secondly, the program emphasised teamwork and collaboration. I had numerous opportunities to work in diverse teams, both in class and on group projects. This experience honed my ability to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, and leverage different perspectives to achieve common goals. In my internship, I have been able to work seamlessly with colleagues from different departments and contribute effectively to team projects.

Additionally, MGB focused on developing strong communication and presentation skills. Regular presentations, class discussions, and interactions with faculty and peers helped me refine my ability to express ideas clearly and persuasively. This skill has been particularly valuable in my internship when presenting findings, ideas or project updates to supervisors and team members.

Furthermore, the MGB program provided me with a solid foundation in various functional areas of business, including marketing, finance, operations, and strategy. This comprehensive understanding helped me 

have a holistic perspective in my internship role. It enables me to connect the dots between different aspects of the business and contribute to cross-functional projects effectively.

Lastly, the MGB program fostered a global mindset and cultural intelligence. Through its multi-campus experience and diverse student cohort, I developed an appreciation for different cultures, business practices, and global markets. It has been advantageous in my internship as I have had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and clients from various backgrounds, navigate cultural nuances, and adapt to diverse working environments.

In summary, the skills gained during my MGB program, including analytical thinking, teamwork, communication, functional knowledge, and cultural intelligence, have undoubtedly played a crucial role in my internship. They have allowed me to contribute effectively, adapt quickly, and add value to the organisation.

What are some of the challenges you faced during your internship? How did you overcome them? 

During my internship, I faced several challenges that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. One significant challenge was adapting to a fast-paced work environment and handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Initially, it was overwhelming to manage competing priorities and meet deadlines. To overcome this, I implemented effective time management techniques such as creating to-do lists, setting realistic goals, and prioritising tasks based on their importance and urgency.

Another challenge I encountered was working with a diverse team with different communication styles and approaches. It required me to be adaptable and open-minded. To overcome this, I actively listened to my colleagues, respected their viewpoints, and sought to understand their preferred communication methods. I adjusted my communication style accordingly, ensuring clarity and effective collaboration.

Moreover, I faced challenges navigating unfamiliar systems or processes. As an intern, I quickly learnt new software, tools, and internal procedures. To overcome this, I proactively sought guidance from my supervisor and colleagues. I attended training sessions, asked questions, and utilised online resources to familiarise myself with the necessary systems. I also took the initiative to explore and experiment with the tools independently to gain hands-on experience.

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