How Did SP Jain Land Him a Role at a Globally Renowned Firm in Dubai – Ujjwal Agarwal’s (MGB 2022) Incredible Story

A major part of your life lies in applying what you have learnt. One of the key highlights of the SP Jain MGB experience is to implement the skills and learnings into the real world. With great networking perks, it is imperative for you to put your best foot forward and bag the right opportunity.

Ujjwal Agarwal is one such student who used his SP Jain experience to bag an internship at Redington Gulf Oman, a leading globally renowned firm, and converted this role into a full-time opportunity.

What was Ujjwal’s journey like? How did SP Jain’s Master of Global Business program prepare him for his professional journey? Let’s find out as he shares his MGB journey with us.

Q. Why did you decide to join SP Jain’s MGB program?

SP Jain is one of the most reputed colleges in the education sector across the globe. The name of SP Jain attached to a student’s profile is an achievement in itself. The college has the best set of veteran professors from different industries, a highly passionate and well-connected CR team, hard-working and cooperative staff members and the best infrastructure to carve the future of students. Getting into a b-school like SP Jain is no less than a dream come true.

Q. How has your time at SP Jain shaped you? What did you like the most about the program?

The learning with SP Jain has been phenomenal.

Since I started my MGB journey during a global pandemic, our cohort saw several ups and downs during our 1.5 years at SP Jain. However, the one thing that always remained constant was how the college cared for us and supported all our needs. The best thing about the course was the education and the different activities carried out by the college to ensure that we are culturally aware of the country as well.

Q. What was your experience with SP Jain’s Professional Readiness Program?

Initially, we all thought that the Professional Readiness Program (PRP) was an add-on for the students but never thought that it would be so useful in helping us get a job. Every single student has benefited from the PRP module. The experience was amazing as I never thought there were so many things we needed to keep in mind while preparing and sitting for the interviews. Huge credit goes to the PRP module for getting me a job.

I participated in the mock interviews and never missed a single session as I knew the relevance and importance of the module. Mr Ratan Postwala was my PRP mentor, and he guided me and advised me in every mock interview, which I grasped and implemented in the job interview.

Mr Postwala assisted me in shaping my interview skills and making my CV, which helped to crack the initial rounds of the company’s selection process.

Q. What have been some of your top achievements through your SP Jain MGB journey?

My top achievements are as follows:

  • I was granted a scholarship from the college based on my marks and grades in school and my Bachelor’s degree.
  • I was awarded a spot on the Dean’s list during my 1.5 years at the prestigious institute.
  • With the help of the CR team, I bagged an internship with the world’s number 1 distribution company, Redington Gulf, which I converted into a full-time role within four months.

Apart from this, I also feel that the knowledge I’ve gained about the culture and tradition along with the business model of Gulf countries and the other parts of the world is also a value-added achievement. The hands-on experience of understanding business in different sectors with the help of excursions and activities carried out by the college was another significant learning experience.

Q. Congratulations on landing a role with Redington Gulf! How did you find out about this role? Why did you choose this organisation to intern with?

With years of significant relations and efforts of SP Jain’s CR team, Redington had come to offer internships to a few students in our college. I applied for the role and got selected for the internship program. I managed to convert this internship to a full-time role with the help of my mentors from the organisation and college.

I chose this opportunity at Redington because of the brand, the sector and the job role. Getting into a company like Redington is a dream come true. I have always wanted to work in the technology field, a sector that always drives my interest. This opportunity to work with Redington is a stepping stone in fulfilling my dreams.

Q. Could you tell us how you stood out from the other candidates and landed this role?

I had done my research and studied the trends in the IT industry. I spoke to the alumni working with the same organisation and understood how I should prepare for the interview. I took suggestions and advice from my college mentors and PRP, who helped me crack the interview easily. I never took any step in the recruitment process lightly and was very serious about the job and my future, which helped me stand out from other candidates and secure the job at Redington.

Q. What was your interview experience with Redington Gulf? Share your journey from being an intern to a permanent employee.

The experience with Redington was phenomenal. Several questions in the interview made me think and answer as per the current trends in the market. The questions were based on situations the company faces or might face in day-to-day business. Being patient and smart is the key to cracking the interview and getting a chance to work for reputed organisations like Redington.

I joined the organisation as an intern and knew that this was the chance for me to convert the internship into a full-time role. Therefore, I started going to the office on time, interacting with every employee at Redington, and going out and meeting all the company’s partners. I did more than what was asked of me, which made my seniors and the board realise that I fit the role.

There is a common saying, “Never take rest after your first success, because if you fail in the second chance, there are people waiting to say that the first one was mere luck,” I have implemented this mantra, and it has taken me forward in life.

Q. What advice would you give our upcoming cohorts on converting an internship into a full-time opportunity?

Learn and implement. If you fail, get up and try again. This is the key to success in any business organisation. Keep trying for something new which might turn out favourable for the company. Do more than what is asked to prove to your seniors that you are both a hard and smart worker. Be patient, and focus on your work. Results will automatically come to you.

Q. What advice would you give future students about starting their SP Jain journey? How can they make the most of the SP Jain experience?

College is that phase of life that no one can ever forget. You meet new people, make new friends and cherish that period with them. Some people you lose in the journey while some stay with you in the future. Make the best use of it. Do everything, play, enjoy, eat, and rejoice but not at the cost of studies and your future. It is your studies that will make your future.

Giving primary importance to studies will never let you away from the fun. Therefore, do everything but not compromise on your studies and your future. It is YOUR future. You either make it or break it. All the best and my best regards to the budding future of the world.

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