Gaining Invaluable Skills for Professional Development – Krishna Nellutla’s Executive MBA Journey

Krishna Nellutla, a dynamic professional with a decade of experience, joined SP Jain’s Executive MBA program to stay ahead in the ever-changing business environment and enhance his skills and expertise. Currently, Krishna excels in providing digital payment solutions at a prominent payment-based company.

How did Krishna seamlessly integrate his EMBA knowledge into his workplace while juggling family time, a passion for photography, and a commitment to fitness? Let’s find out about his multi-tasking prowess and relentless pursuit of professional growth.

What motivated you to enrol in SP Jain’s EMBA program?

As a mid-career professional, I sought to enhance my abilities and expertise to keep up with the rapidly evolving business landscape. After careful consideration, I decided to enrol in SP Jain’s EMBA program because of its impressive curriculum and global outlook. The focus on practical learning and industry involvement particularly caught my attention. Additionally, the program’s diverse cohort and worldwide exposure appealed to me as I desired to broaden my perspective and learn from individuals with unique backgrounds and experiences. I believed this program would enable me to make a significant impact in my profession and organisation.

How has the EMBA program contributed to your skill set? Which of these skills have you found to be particularly useful at your workplace?

The EMBA program improved my leadership, strategic thinking, and global mindset skills and expanded my professional network. It’s a great way to enhance your abilities and gain exposure to different cultures and business practices. During my time in this program, I have gained invaluable skills that have truly transformed my professional development. These skills include enhanced leadership and strategic thinking abilities, improved business acumen, the development of a global mindset, and the building of strong professional networks.

Which aspects of the course have appealed to you the most? 

I was drawn to SP Jain’s EMBA program for its emphasis on flexibility, exposure to international business practices, practical focus, and leadership development. Experienced peers and faculty expertise were also major selling points for me. 

SP Jain’s Executive MBA is ideal for busy professionals who want to advance their careers while keeping their full-time jobs. It offers flexible schedules and attracts diverse groups of experienced professionals from various industries. This program has highly qualified faculty members who bring real-world experience to the classroom and may include international components. It also has a practical focus with case studies, simulations, and leadership development components.

Balancing work and studies can be tricky. How were you able to maintain equilibrium between the two?

For effective time management, I would create a schedule for work, study, and personal activities, prioritise important tasks and set achievable goals aligned with my objectives, and take care of my physical and mental health with stress-management techniques and self-care. One should also communicate academic commitments to the employer if working while studying, attend industry conferences and read publications to stay up-to-date in the payments industry.

Tell us about a project you recently led. How did you utilise your project management skills to achieve success in this project?

Recently, I led the release of a new product for my organisation as a team leader. Though it was an exciting project, it presented its own set of challenges. So, I utilised practical project management skills and successfully guided my team through the product release process. 

Here are some project management skills that I employed during the product release:

  • Planning: I developed a comprehensive project plan, including a timeline, milestones, and deliverables, before commencing the product release. It helped establish clear expectations, allowing us to stay on track throughout the release process. 
  • Risk Management: I identified potential risks early in the process and developed contingency plans to mitigate them. It ensured that we were ready to handle any issues that could arise during the product release.
  • Communication: I maintained open lines of communication with my team throughout the product release, providing regular progress updates and addressing any concerns.

How important do you think user experience (UX) design is in the digital payments industry, and how have you integrated this skill into your work?

Creating intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable digital experiences for users in the digital payments industry is crucial. This is where User Experience (UX) design plays a vital role. A well-designed UX can reduce friction in the payment process, making transactions easier and increasing the chance of repeat business. Conversely, a poorly designed UX can frustrate users, causing confusion and abandoned transactions.

As a professional in the digital payments industry, I always consider the user experience when developing new payment products or features. It involves creating user personas, conducting user research, and designing wireframes and prototypes from the beginning of the development process.

Have you been actively participating in industry events and conferences? What interests you the most about them?

Yes, attending industry events and conferences is a vital part of the EMBA experience. It is a great way to learn from experienced professionals, expand your knowledge, and gain fresh perspectives. It also offers networking opportunities and potentially leads to new partnerships and job opportunities, contributing to professional growth and competitiveness.

What valuable tips or suggestions would you like to offer to the students who want to pursue this program?

Embarking on an EMBA program may present challenges, but the rewards are worth it. You can maximise your experience and enhance your career by establishing specific goals, exploring all available options, getting ready for the program’s demands, connecting with peers, and applying your newfound knowledge.

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