From Finance to Operations – An Interview with Raveesh Jasuja (GMBA’19)

A finance graduate from Delhi University, Raveesh Jasuja (GMBA 2019) worked for over 7 years in multiple roles, before deciding to pursue his Global MBA from SP Jain and expand his expertise into the operations industry. After 12 months of strenuous diligence in Dubai, Singapore & Sydney, Raveesh was recently placed at Genpact – one of the world’s largest professional services firms. We caught up with him to find out more.

Raveesh Jasuja - Placement - Genpact

Q. What made you choose GLSCM as your specialisation?

Raveesh: Before joining SP Jain, I had a work experience of over 7 years, initially with Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Management Risk Consulting Divisions, and later at a start-up venture specialising in corporate gifting, where I got an opportunity to run the show end to end.
I believe that in the current industry, there is a notable disconnect between Finance and Operations, two of the most critical departments of any organisation. Since I had specialised in finance during my bachelor’s, completing a Global MBA in logistics seemed like an excellent option for me to create a niche market for myself.

Q. You recently got placed with Genpact as a Senior Manager. Could you tell us about your new role?

Raveesh: Genpact is a highly reputed professional services firm and a market leader in the F&A outsourcing domain. They recently shifted their focus to the transformation services domain and have already garnered a market dominance as well. I have been recruited here to work as a ‘Deal Manager’, where I handle the bidding and proposals from various clients. The role requires my involvement right after lead generation to the time the proposal is submitted and accepted. It allows me to utilise my project management skills and gives me an opportunity to interact with people across multiple teams and ranks, including the Senior VPs. I am quite excited about this!

Raveesh Jasuja - Placement - Genpact 2

Q. What are the learnings from your time at SP Jain that are helping you in your current role?

Raveesh: Throughout the 12 months that I spent at SP Jain, I was able to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds and industries, helping me understand the emotional and professional sides of different people. Along with the project management skills that I gained from my classes, this is something that helps me coordinate and interact with multiple stakeholders every day.

Q. What are the tips that you would like to share with our SPJ students on preparing for and cracking job interviews?

Raveesh: Always be sure of the role that is being offered. Complete your research not only about the company, but also about the role and the interviewers.
It is always a bonus if you can relate your past work experience to the role being offered. The interviewer likes knowing that you can handle the work being entrusted to you.