A Sneak-Peek in the Life of a Luxury Management Student

Do you see yourself as the next brand manager of a leading clothing line, or do you wish to head the retail operations of an automobile sector? Jobs in Indian luxury industry are the most sought-after, as the sector requires a huge pool of aspiring talents. Emerging as the fastest-growing industry of goods and services, the luxury market of India has been able to make a mark internationally. With opportunities to travel globally and earn a lucrative salary, the job market of the sector is already witnessing a major breakthrough. Therefore, courses like MBA in Luxury Management are garnering a huge attention.

Luxury Management Students at Falak Numa, Hyderabad
Accounted as one of the best b-schools in India, SP Jain School of Global Management is recognised for pioneering unique, innovative courses and has partnered with Milan’s MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business to introduce a Master’s program in Luxury Management. The program is designed to meet the growing need for luxury managers with a global perspective. People having a knack for the industry get a full-fledged exposure to the global luxury and the ability to link it back to the flourishing markets of the country.

But what lies in the core for the aspirants who are in the process of adding value to the upcoming generation of the luxury industry? What are the steps and the overall learning experience to attain one of the most coveted jobs of the 21st century? Let us take a sneak peek into the life of luxury management students of SP Jain.

Program Structure

Our Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management (MGLuxM) program is industry-centric, which exposes the students to luxury business in the developing as well as developed markets. The program is backed by the realistic projects in India as well as Milan. It familiarizes you with the finest nuances of the fast-growing markets and the developed luxury scenario.

At SP Jain, the candidates of MGLuxM undertake the course, which is divided into three terms.

  1. Term 1 consists of 6 months in India
  2. Term 2 comprises of 4 months in Milan
  3. Term 3 requires you to spend 2 months in Mumbai or Milan to take up a live project, which is mandatory.

Download a brochure to know more about the program  structure.

Industry Lead Initiatives

Although, there is more to the program than just studying in Mumbai and Milan. In both the cities, students get the chance to meet industry experts and leaders, undertake live projects, and visit brand stores to understand the ins-and-outs of the sector. Students may also get the opportunity to visit some of the famous luxury capitals of the world, such as Paris, Switzerland, and Germany.

Here are some engaging events that observed an active participation by the aspirants of MGLuxM in the past, during the tenure of the program –

  1. Interactive Session/ Conversation Series Conversation Series

Industry experts like Hitesh Malhotra (Chief Marketing Officer of Nykaa.com), Kiran Singh (Founder & CEO – Barunii Beauty), Aarti Creado (Brand Manager – Givenchy), Beejal Desai (Vice President – Legal & Company Secretary, Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris) and more are some of the few names, who have graced our conversation series in the past.

There are many conversation series organised at SP Jain every alternate Fridays. The students get the privilege to meet industry experts. This set up helps the aspirants to hone their skills and knowledge, and understand the industry closely from an expert’s point of view. The MGLuxM students reap the noble opportunity to get the expert’s advice on the expansive luxury industry. Every sector of the luxury industry ranging from jewelry to spirits, watches to cars, hospitality to beauty, and food to fashion, have been covered in these interactive sessions/ conversation series.

  1. Study Tours
    Luxury Management students at Christian Dior, HQ

Study tours are an imminent part of training our MGLuxM students. It helps to stimulate academic training through practical learning thereby broadening their perspective about the sector. This gave way for the aspirants to visit Paris, Switzerland, and Germany on an informative study tour. The key visits were the headquarters of Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior couture museum, Grand Perfume museum, Wine Region in Champagne, the Leather Markets in Florence, popular watch brands in Neuchatel, and luxury auto businesses in Stuttgart and Munich.

  1. Industry / Factory VisitIndustry Visit - Diyaan

Students also got an opportunity to visit jewelry factory in Diyaan. It was an informative factory visit for them. They got to know about the design intricacies, which are involved in getting the final product, such as the complex processes of filing, polishing, diamond gracing, micro-setting, rhodium coating, metal alloying, gold melting, CNC technology, laser inscription, and consumer behaviour & insights.

Additionally, visiting Taj Falaknuma was a reminder for the students to acknowledge and appreciate the rich heritage of our country. It gave them a glorious insight into the various aspects of the hospitality industry.

  1. Live Projects –

The final leg of the program is dedicated to Live Projects, which allows the students to apply their theoretical knowledge into practice. The project work includes a report from an optional internship, market analysis or a desk research on a specific topic or industry, or an essay describing a business plan for a luxury start-up.

Let’s hear out the experience of MGLuxM journey from our alumni –

“Speaking of a 360-degree learning experience, the students are taught various subjects ranging from Accountancy and Finance to Operations, Economics, Marketing, Branding and more. This academic experience encompasses a holistic view and approach to learning and moulding the students into business leaders.”

– Chahat Goenka

 “As an architect with no background in business studies whatsoever, the course structure was thoughtfully planned for students from assorted academic backgrounds. It was to bring students like me on par with other classmates, who have perhaps studied or worked in management related roles previously. This led us all down the journey together of how to curate, design, market, and sell luxury products and services.

– Shailee Bhandarkar

Career Path & Avenues

There are multiple career paths that Luxury Management students can opt for, including Luxury Brand Managers, Merchandising Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Product Managers and PR Specialists. Despite the enormous career opportunities, there is a visible dearth of high-quality institutes in India offering a formal degree in luxury brand management courses.

Earlier, our students have worked with some of the well-known brands like Gucci, The Collective, and Lodha Group. Even after the completion of the program some of them are associated with these brands. While the rest started their own business, became freelancers and bloggers.

Luxury Management in Graduation

However, it is just the tip of an iceberg as to what a life of a luxury management student looks like at SP Jain. Since the luxury industry seems to be growing multifold by every passing day, the requirement for well-versed professionals equipped with global luxury brand management course is correspondingly increasing.

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