Indulging in the Luxury World at Mumbai & Milan – Neeraj Pandit’s Story

The Master in Global Luxury Management (MGLuxM) program was one of the most enriching experiences I’ve ever had. It gave me an opportunity to study at SP Jain and MIP, two of the world’s leading colleges who came together to provide us with an incredible learning experience. The program helped me understand how adaptive and ever-changing the luxury industry is, with first-hand exposure to both the local and global luxury markets.

These 12 months were quite career-defining for me. Right from the lectures to the projects, everything was intricately planned and articulated with great precision. Our mentor, Mr. Thomas Baillod, was absolutely amazing to work with and full of so many ideas! We were taken on numerous industrial visits at both the campuses – we got to see the production of Mercedes BMW and Omega watches, and also witnessed the making of champagne in France.

One of the most important parts of the course was the conversation series we regularly participated in. The series allowed us to meet and interact with the industry leaders in every luxury domain and gave us real-time insights into the changing industrial environment. Learning concepts and ideas is one thing; executing them in the real world on the shop floor is a different story altogether. Almost every industry stalwart we interacted with stressed on the importance of starting from scratch, getting your hands dirty, and working your way up the ranks.

Neeraj Pandit - Luxury Management Program Experience 1

From the eloquence of Prof Hansel to the finesse and polish of Prof Talwar; from the intense and captivating Prof Menon to the lively and vibrant Dr. Narayanan; from the numerical wizardry of Prof Upadhay to the real-world hard-hitting anecdotes of Prof Moradian – the professors in Mumbai and Milan were outstanding and inspiring. I often wonder if I will be able to attend their lectures again, realising that I can only relive them by rolling back time in my memory.

The rigorous curriculum and the exposure to the vast network of leading professionals at both SP Jain Global and MIP Politecnico di Milano helped me become a professional with multicultural awareness and truly transformed me into a global business manager. This played a vital role in helping me secure a job in a challenging and densely competitive market like Dubai.

About the Author: Neeraj Pandit (MGLUXM – Intake of 2017)

Neeraj Pandit is a versatile and persevering professional with over 7 years of rich experience in the hospitality, operations, sales, and marketing industries.
Prior to joining SP Jain for his Master in Global Luxury Management, Neeraj worked with stellar brands like The Taj Group of Hotels Resorts and Palaces and Starwood and Marriott Group of Hotels. His current assignment in Dubai focuses on new business development and customer relationship management with process improvement audits for a brand portfolio of 5 diversified foods and beverage outlets, viz. Trèsind (Dubai, Kuwait and Mumbai), Carnival by Trèsind, and A Cappella (Dubai).