Building a 360-Degree Understanding of Luxury Management – A Student’s Point of View

Each B-school has an array of opportunities to offer to every student. The students, in turn, seek growth and a career boost by indulging in a year of rigorous learning and strategic thinking. This journey is curated and offered in the most sought-after manner by SP Jain School of Global Management.

But what makes this institute stand out is the corporate and global exposure and immersive learning, which involves areas other than academics. Speaking of exposure, the dynamics of the industries in the current scenario are expansive. By having students to experience the working environment of companies they aspire to work for (through internships or live projects) and also having them interact with the experts of the domain, gives them a taste of the myriad industry norms, business challenges, and market dynamics. The holistic Master offered by SP Jain, Masters in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management, is curated by observing the market trends and dynamics. Throughout the course, the students are trained to be masters in the category.

The attention to detail, better understanding of business, and importance of innovation are impressed into the system to groom the students for the real world.

Conversation Series

Of all the facilities offered by this master program, “Conversation Series” is a pristine concept that is weekly conducted to give students the ability to gain practical learning by covering the domains of their interest. This largely benefits the students, as it gives them an opportunity to collaborate their classroom learning with the industry norms. This, in turn, enables them to think strategically and pragmatically.

Speaking of a 360-degree learning experience, the students are taught various subjects ranging from Accountancy and Finance to Operations, Economics, Marketing, Branding and more. This academic experience encompasses a holistic view and approach to learning and moulding the students into business leaders. Another benefit is, that the fresh aspirants and the experienced candidates come at par with each other in subject knowledge. Also, the students are bifurcated into various committees which teaches them to work effectively in teams and manage responsibilities. The various committees perform different functions like Academic Reporting, Public Relations, International Coordination and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The students, too get an opportunity to explore their interests and acquire managerial skills. Student’s engagement is also built here as they have an opportunity to incorporate their learnings and expertise for the development and support of the school.

The faculty network is a highly professional and experienced lot. Not only are they invested in the careers and learnings of their students but they are also experts in their respective fields with rich experience across several sectors of the industry. Hence, they can bring to the students the real world requirements and industry demands, which in turn help to shape the students into what the market actually requires. Along with enriching the students with academic learning, they also have initiated networking events with the esteemed alumni of the institute to foster an environment of collaboration. This initiative guided the students to establish positive connections for brighter career advancement.

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The ability to offer deep dive across various industries helped the students to gain a holistic view of the market and identify the areas of improvement in the areas of their interest. A fair understanding of all sectors apart from the one of their own choice enables them to benefit largely so as to imbibe and implement success methodologies from other sectors into their own. It creates an atmosphere of evolved management and critical understanding. An integration of passion and profession is observed at the end of the academic curriculum. The deep dive into various sectors works as an eye-opener for the students to realise where their passion truly lies.

Being able to integrate classroom learning with corporate functionalities is of utmost importance. It gives the students an opportunity to practically implement their studies, work closely with industry experts, and leverage their potential in their desired domain. The students undertake a live project with a company into the business of their interest. Experiential learning is surely the greatest teacher. They work on technical and practical glitches in the businesses and work on their radical improvement and functioning. The period of the live project empowers many students with a transformational power, of honing their management skills required by companies.

Lastly, having the opportunity to train in the heart of luxury and fashion completes the training exhaustively. The professors guiding the students tend to become consultants and luxury maestros with extensive experience and expertise in the category. This enables the students to seek and examine fresh concepts, and bring them back to their country. The multi-cultural experience gives the students a taste of the real world. Exploring various cultures, preparing to live and study in a foreign nation, respecting others opinions and cultures go way beyond the scope of academic learning.

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The charm of learning hands-on and having the “touch and feel” factor is essential to experience what luxury truly is. Giving this aspect importance, the students are taken on study tours to embrace luxury in its purest form. The opportunity to visit the Headquarters of various premium and luxury brands and meeting with the CEOs and Department Heads, across Europe, exposes the aspirants to a plethora of ideas, opportunity, and experience.

Throughout the duration of the Master, students are trained to live these experiences and emerge more enriched and empowered. Such are the qualities of a true leader, to empower and stay empowered. All in all, the Master’s degree offered at the SP Jain campus is a comprehensive training program. It exposes the students to their passion and guides them, step by step, to fulfill their dreams.

About the Author: Chahat Goenka 

Chahat Goenka is a 2017 graduate of Luxury Management Program with SP Jain School of Global Management. She comes from a Chartered Accountancy background and has had a flair for luxury since inception. Her ardour for writing began in her schooldays. Chahat’s hobbies include dancing and painting and she has received accolades for them all throughout her learning life and has also bagged national level gold medals for two of her art works.

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