It’s Time to Experience Face-To-Face Classes Again – SP Jain’s MGLuxM Students Are Back on Campus

After starting their SP Jain journey online, our Luxury Management students recently resumed in-person classes at SP Jain’s Mumbai campus, to the greatest pleasure of students, faculty, and staff.

Luxury Management - Back to SP Jain Campus

Even though our Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management (MGLuxM) faculty delivered a brilliant learning experience online, we understand that nothing can replace the face-to-face conversations and campus experience which students were asking for and delighted to find again, in strict compliance with health and safety regulations, of course.

“What’s better than offline classes? The experience of coming to the campus after 2 years, interacting with the faculty as well as classmates is way more enriching in person. The best thing I could have asked for my new beginnings!” shares Apurva Sheth (Student, MGLuxM Batch 9).

“SP Jain not only made it possible for us to attend the classes on campus but also made sure of our utmost safety by following safety regulations at every point. Working with our classmates for each class is something we have been able to do after months, and I couldn’t be any happier about it,”‘ shares Aditi Iyer(Student, MGLuxM Batch 9).

SP Jain and MIP Politecnico di Milano’s 12-month MGLuxM is offered in a twin-city format where students study in Mumbai and Milan. The program offers a holistic understanding of developed luxury markets like Europe and the application of marketing, sales and retail concepts in rapidly emerging markets like India. The industry-centric curriculum and real-life projects, undertaken both in Mumbai and Milan, help students gain an in-depth knowledge of the entire gamut of the luxury industry in significantly distinctive markets.

Through classroom sessions, case studies, study tours, industry interactions and company visits, networking meetings with business associations, entrepreneurs and business houses in Milan and India, students get an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the entire gamut of the luxury industry, both in matured and emerging markets.

Additionally, the Career Development teams of SP Jain and MIP organise networking events and industry workshops for students throughout the program. This collaboration facilitates mentorship and gives students access to a wide network of professional contacts that can be leveraged throughout their careers.

Every year, the SP Jain Luxury Management (MGLuxM) classroom has seen a diverse group of students come together to take their first step into the world of luxury. So, what did this year’s classroom look like?

So, what inspires students to take the big step to build a career in the luxury industry?

“When I was planning to pursue my MBA, my foremost priority was creative contentment. Creativity being the prime focus of SP Jain’s MGLuxM, will allow me to bring innovative solutions to customers as I set foot in the corporate world”, shares Janvi Lucky (Student, MGLuxM Batch 9). “Through this course, I will get a lot of international exposure, experiential learning, in-depth understanding of global luxury brands and overall development. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

“I’ve always wanted to branch out in the luxury sector as I was raised in Dubai and saw luxury all around me,” says Mohammad Aftaab Sheikh (Student, MGLuxM Batch 9).

“I had researched a lot of colleges, but SP Jain caught my eye since the school exposed students to the intricate details of the industry through power talks, study tours, and industry visits. We get the opportunity to start in Mumbai – a growing luxury arena – and later study in Milan – one of the world’s top luxury capitals. In the end, we graduate with a master’s degree from Europe’s #2 ranked b-school – MIP Politecnico di Milano – what can be a better experience?”


We are currently inviting applications to our March 2022 intake. If you think our Master in Global Luxury Goods & Services Management (MGLuxM) program aligns with your future career goals, then start your application today. 

If you’d like to speak about your plans and get more information on the program, curriculum, student experiences, career outcomes and more, then we invite you to get in touch so our student counsellors can help guide you.

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