Interning with one of India’s top interior designers – The story of 4 Luxury Management students

Creativity is contagious and that holds true for Mahesh Punjabi, our Global FMB alumnus, and a leading luxury interior designer from Mumbai. Coming from a business family, Mahesh was bit by the design bug and soon ventured out of his father’s business to make a mark of his own with Mahesh Punjabi Associates (MPA) Mumbai.

MPA Mumbai - MGLUXM Student Internship

It is no wonder then, that when Mahesh Punjabi joined us at our Mumbai campus for SP Jain’s MGLuxM Power Talk series, our Master in Global Luxury Management students were thrilled to continue the learnings they gained from the talk with an internship with the industry leader himself. Soon, a group of 4 students cleared their interviews and started their internship with MPA, stepping directly into the world of luxury. How was this internship experience like for Mahesh and the students? We caught up with them to find out.

Message from the Corporate Mentor, Mahesh Punjabi (CEO – MPA Mumbai)

MPA Mumbai - MGLUXM Student Internship 1

Luxury is a bespoke arena and needs to be handled delicately while being tailored to reach its niche market. This is exactly what the brilliant team of students from SP Jain helped us achieve at MPA Mumbai.  Team Media Maven (That’s what they called themselves) helped us build a presence across all social media channels including Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and helped us package our content in the exact way that our clients were looking for. They truly took MPA Mumbai’s branding to a whole new level, and I am quite thankful to SP Jain for introducing me to this team of brilliant luxury experts.

Student Experiences from Team Media Maven

MPA Mumbai - MGLUXM Student Internship 2

I still remember how nervous I was when I got this internship opportunity. Everyone around me had many years of experience, but this was my first ‘job’.
But soon, I realised that this internship was the perfect opportunity for me to learn how it is to be a leader and coordinate with a dynamic team of individuals. I was even able to work with publishers, which was a brand-new experience for me.
This internship helped me understand how luxury interior designers work and function, and I’m so thankful to SP Jain for providing me with such an amazing opportunity!
– Yashvi Jain | MGLuxM, Batch 6

I have come a long way from having jitters before the interview to coordinating with senior professionals from renowned luxury firms as the Social Media Manager for MPA Mumbai. In addition to gaining insights about luxury interiors, this internship helped me discover my potential to lead as well as work alongside a team to achieve the desired outputs.
A day at MPA can never be dull with Mr Punjabi’s zest for life! My time at this internship so far has been a joy ride where each day brings new learning. It is with great appreciation that I thank SP Jain and our corporate mentor, Mr Punjabi, for giving me this opportunity.
– Khushboo Barot | MGLuxM, Batch 6

I believe that internships are the best way to learn and brush up your skills. During my internship with MPA Mumbai, I got to learn, first-hand, how the luxury interior space works.
Mahesh sir has been an amazing mentor who guided us very well through the journey. His real-life experiences gave me lessons that I will remember for a lifetime. I am so grateful to the SP Jain team for providing me this opportunity.
– Aditya Choudhary | MGLuxM, Batch 6

I’ve learned so much from Mahesh sir during my time at MPA Mumbai! Among all the new skills that I picked up (media coordination, editing, etc.), the one I am most thankful for is how strong my research skills are getting every day.
In a very short period, MPA taught me how to communicate efficiently and how to manage the luxury industry. Mahesh sir also encouraged me to participate in numerous informative workshops to help build my knowledge, and his constant support even when I made mistakes is something I’m truly thankful for.
I am so glad that I got to be a part of Mahesh Punjabi Associates.
– Khushboo Bhatia | MGLuxM, Batch 6

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