Hewlett Packard Sydney – Industry Visit

On 23rd October 2014, several Global MBA, May’14, students accompanied by Lyn Malakou (Head of Student Life at S P Jain) and Daniel Nieva (Head of IT at S P Jain) went to Hewlett Packard (HP) office for an industry visit in Rhodes, Sydney. Here is what Sanchit Mehrotra (Student Leader of the visit) thought about the whole HP visit experience.


  1. What was your first impression when you arrived there?

“As we are a cohort of software engineers and future IT managers, visiting the HP office made us feel like coming home to where we exactly belong.  We all worked at the premises of a technology company in the past. We all felt like professionals suited up for a business meeting.

Howard Bowland, Vice President and General Manager of HP Asia Pacific and Japan, welcomed us at the reception. We felt valued by the company and the executives as they were willing to share their business plans with us and the future of technology.

Actually, we had met Howard previously at the S P Jain Singapore campus when he came as a guest speaker. He recalled his visit and was able to recognise few of us whom he met in Singapore.”


  1. What did you do there?

“Howard started the talk by addressing HP’s future business plans and the areas where it is focusing on. Then the Chief Operating Officer, Robert Lawrence, carried out an inspiring presentation on disruptive technology. We asked him a lot of questions on how we can keep pace with the changing technologies both in terms of users and technology managers.

Joe from the IT department showed us facilities where HP stores their storages and servers. He also showed us the ‘state-of-the-art’ in-house IT service walk-in centre, where employees of HP come to seek support on their machines and devices. Finally, we ended the visit with a discussion with Michael Ferry over lunch.”


  1. Please share with us three key messages you learnt from the industry visit.

“Firstly, it’s about the changing business of HP. HP is splitting into two smaller entities. The first company will be called as H-P Inc. which comprises the personal computer and printer business. The second company will be called as Hewlett Packard Enterprises which comprises software and services business.

Secondly, I learnt a lot from the presentation on ‘Disruptive Technology’ presented by Robert Lawrence. He showed how the technologies are evolving and discussed some of the key technologies such as ‘big data’ , ‘internet of things’, ‘smartwatches’, ‘cloud’, etc.

Thirdly, I learnt that HP has collaborations with universities in Australia to hire MBA graduates. As part of their business strategy, they partner with MBA schools to deliver them fresh graduates who can take the business to a new level.”

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