Gaining a 360-degree understanding of luxury management – Ritansh Jain’s story

Ritansh Jain, hailing from Rajasthan, had completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru. He wanted to pursue his postgraduate studies in the field of luxury and chose SP Jain School of Global Management and MIP Politecnico di Milano’s Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management program (Class of 2018). He now has an exciting role as a Luxury and Fashion PR Executive at Amigos Communications, a media and news company, in Mumbai. We caught up with Ritansh to learn how the program helped him develop the skills essential for his dynamic work.

Q. What made you choose the luxury management program?

Ritansh: The luxury management industry is going to continue to flourish as more and more individuals understand the significance of extravagance and wish to experience luxury in life. While the global market is consistently transforming, one thing stays steady and that is our fascination towards extravagance. With more luxury brands entering the market, owning luxurious items has turned out to be progressively feasible. This pattern is expected to develop further in the future. If you pursue a degree in luxury management, you can open doors to various professions. You can become a brand administrator, a showcasing expert or an item supervisor.

Q. Can you describe your role at Amigos Communications?

Ritansh: I am working as a Luxury and Fashion PR Executive at Amigos Communications, a media and news company. It’s a 360-degree communication boutique which offers a bouquet of services to the clients from the world of luxury, fashion and lifestyle. My responsibilities include planning publicity strategies and campaigns, writing and producing presentations and press releases, handling enquiries from the press and the stylists, managing promotional events like press conferences, fashion shows, exhibitions and tours, analysing media coverage, commissioning or undertaking relevant market research if needed and required, designing, writing and/or producing leaflets, reports and look-books, among others.

Q. What skills have you acquired during your program to make you a luxury manager?


  • Students pursuing a degree in luxury brand management are provided with the skills and knowledge needed to adapt to the continually changing financial landscape. The luxury industry is a challenging and trending field. You get to interact with the world of luxury closely.
  • You get the opportunity to understand the expertise, culture and business areas related to the industry. If you have always had a keen interest in a luxury chain, along with its value distribution and management, then a degree in luxury brand management is ideal for you. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced manager, you will learn to understand the industry from a holistic perspective.
  • You will acquire the business and creative skills needed to succeed in the luxury industry which is considered to be one of the quickest growing fields in the global business world. You will learn all about brand management and design in diverse industries ranging from fashion and automobiles to yachts and perfumes. You will also get a chance to understand how the luxury market has evolved over the years and how it will continue to grow.
  • In addition to understanding the entire concept of luxury, you will also learn the specific characteristics involved in the luxury industry. You will learn the value of a brand in the luxury business. Moreover, you will learn the concept of product and pricing in the industry.
  • Areas of study also include retail management and strategy along with the method of dealing with communication as well as external relations activities. You will also be learning the future of luxury brands and where they are heading.
  • You will learn from academics and gain extensive industry experience. You will get exceptional learning opportunities like visits to prestigious luxury brands, talks from speakers from leading companies and the chance to work on a consultancy project in a real firm.