Founding Coccolare – The entrepreneurship story of Eva Bhairavia

Eva Bhairavia, our student of the Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management program (Class of 2018), is the founder of Coccolare, one of the first luxury nail studios in Ahmedabad, India. She believes in using the best products to offer her clients an exclusive experience. How did SP Jain and MIP Politecnico di Milano’s luxury management program help her in her entrepreneurial journey? We catch up with Eva to know about her experience, her venture and more!

Eva Bhairavia - Coccolare

Q. What inspired the start of Coccolare?

Eva: I had once visited one of the oldest and the largest nail bars in Ahmedabad. What I experienced was non-luxurious. I was working with BMW then when I realised that I’m not a “job” person. I got an idea about a luxury nail bar and my entrepreneurial mind started developing the thought. We barely had 2-3 nail bars in Ahmedabad. I researched and chalked out a business plan for my luxury nail studio. The plan was feasible because the demand for nail bars in Ahmedabad was, and is, just growing.

Q. What does your brand stand for?

Eva: My brand stands for exclusivity. There is no standalone nail studio in Ahmedabad, apart from Coccolare, that only offers nail treatments, manicures and pedicures. Other salons offer hair, beauty and spa services. My nail studio’s exclusive atmosphere attracts my clientele because we offer a peaceful and soothing ambience.

Q. How did your Masters in Global Luxury Management help you in your journey?

Eva: My Master’s program has helped me take day-to-day decisions easily. From how perfectly the cushions should be placed to why they should be placed in a certain way, everything makes sense now. The name – Coccolare – is often pronounced incorrectly and that’s what the Anti-Laws of Marketing stated. I’m balancing the misfit of such a luxurious brand proudly to do justice to these laws of luxury!


Q. With the beauty industry growing at a tremendous rate, we can also see stiff competition in the market. How would you say your brand stands out from the rest?

Eva: I gained immense exposure in Mumbai. I have learnt why branding becomes one of the key aspects of any business. I hail from Ahmedabad and, considering the market there, I knew nail salons were soon going to be a trend. Few weeks after inaugurating Coccolare, two more nail salons launched in the city. What makes Coccolare stand out is the ambience we offer. We make sure our technicians greet our clients, all products and equipment are carried in beautiful trays, sanitation is maintained and only the best-in-class products are used.

Q. What is the most challenging part of your journey right now and how are you overcoming it?

Eva: One thing no book has taught me is managing and sourcing the human resource. It’s the most difficult part of my journey. Patience and politeness are helping me to keep going. Losing temper at work is not an option because these are the people who are running the show. This is also helping me become a stronger and better person.

Q. Do you have any advice for the students who are about to start their SP Jain journey?

Eva: If you think this is just another MBA and everything will be available online for you, do understand it’s not. What you will learn from the personal experiences shared by the professors is what you are going to practice in your life.

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